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This one time, I had a dream about photographing a wedding in Italy, Tuscany in particular. I don’t know why. I envisioned stunning rolling hills, golden light, cypress trees and I put it right on my bucket list to find a fabulous couple to photograph. Then I figured, I better put this out into the world, or who is going to know that this is something I want to do? I wrote a blog post in November 2013, and in January 2014, I got an e mail from Miranda and John asking if I would consider flying to Tuscany to photograph their wedding. (Insert jumping up and down here).

We met over coffee, and before we even spoke about anything wedding related, the coffee shop closed, so it only made sense to go for wine. When we finally got around to discussing their wedding, I was so invested in them as a couple that I couldn’t imagine not doing it. These were not going to just be one time clients, I knew that we were going to be good friends. I had to ask, had they seen the blog post that I had written? They actually hadn’t! SO, I decided to show them. Once I did, we couldn’t even decipher if the dream stock photograph that I included in the post was the exact same place that they would be getting married. Was this actually real life???

Fast forward to August 2015, and Brent and I were packing our bags to go and meet Miranda and John in Tuscany (insert uber excited jumping up and down here). It really was a dream. The rolling hills, the golden light, and cypress trees were just some of the things that made this place amazing. BUT then, we arrive at the STUNNING Cunina Farmhouse to be greeted by the most welcoming, lovely families in existence, in the beautiful Podera I had been looking at pictures of online for over a year. I really had to pinch myself.

The day was an absolute dream. It was such an intimate, relaxing beautiful day in the most stunning surroundings. Everyone was there fully to celebrate Miranda and John and their long time love. There was truly not a dry eye during the reception overlooking the hills, under the stars and twinkling lights. The speeches spoke to the true characters of these two, and why they are such an incredible couple. The big alligator tears were abundant in front and even behind the camera. It is impossible to be happier for two people… anyone in attendance would completely agree. Sadly, John’s mum passed away several years ago. Thankfully Miranda had the opportunity to meet her. Before she passed away, she told John that every time he sees a butterfly, that is her watching over him. Right before he proposed to Miranda at the same place where they had their reception, a single butterfly landed on their table, and John knew that she was there and it was the right time to ask. Well on the wedding day, you couldn’t help but feel her presence all day long. As a surprise, Miranda had arranged to release butterflies outside of the church immediately following the wedding. Everyone gathered outside of the church waiting for the newlyweds. They walked out and Miranda handed John a white box. When he opened it, 25 butterflies flew out. One of the biggest, most beautiful butterflies flew around for a short moment, and then landed on John’s leg and didn’t move. I was completely choked up. The butterflies didn’t fly away. They all landed on people, and one on Miranda’s bouquet and really stuck around. It was such a beautiful thing to witness… and here I am tearing up even writing this! Damn you guys!!

I absolutely love destination weddings, but more that that, I LOVE getting to meet fabulous couples, learn about who they are and what matters most to them and create beautiful, authentic images to take them right back to a moment in time. Ultimately the new friendships that are created along the way are the best thing I could ask for. Miranda and John I really cannot find the right words to thank you for entrusting me to capture this magical day.  That night, I went to bed feeling like the day had been a dream.  In editing these images and writing this post, I keep getting reminded of how lucky I was to get to capture this day for you guys, and that it wasn’t a dream, but one of my favourite memories I will ever have.

Vendor Love:

Venue | Podera Cunina Farmhouse

Dress | Superior Bridal – Allure

Planner | Francesca – Efffeti Weddings & Events

Menswear | Moore’s – Calvin Klein

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THIS moment… it was the best ever.

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Sometimes, you just have to stop for gelato on your hot, sunny Tuscan wedding… I mean why not?M+J Blog-125M+J Blog-181M+J Blog-175M+J Blog-172M+J Blog-167M+J-686M+J Blog-188When we pull over on the side of the road and I ask my couple if they will hike into the field to the massive circle of cypress trees, and without hesitation they start doing just that… that is my kind of couple. They put their full trust in me, and then things like thishappened…

M+J Blog-194M+J Blog-192M+J Blog-191

Oh these Cypress trees!!!!

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I couldn’t picture anything more perfect here….

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This place <3


This crew <3

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  1. Jen says:

    Wow…everything about this is stunning…gorgeous wedding, gorgeous photography – swoon….

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