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Rachel and Paul… I had trouble finding the right words for this post.

These two beautiful souls have a kind of love that you do not see everyday. It is that kind of love that storybooks and movies are made of.  It is that unconditional, magical love that you feel by just being near them.  The pure adoration for one another is so palpable, I guarantee you will feel it after looking through these images.

Our first meeting lasted for hours. I don’t think we talked about photography until the coffee shop was ready to close. I was too busy hearing all the amazing details of Paul’s epic forest proposal in the rain, and then I had to pull myself together, because holy the tears were pouring!  Rachel was certainly not expecting a proposal at that time, after a conversation that happened earlier in the week that left her feeling like it might be years until they said “I do.” Paul, you are a trickster… They love to laugh, and that makes me the happiest.

Not only are they the MOST adorable human beings on the planet (seriously, though)… I have met quite the kindred spirit in Rachel.  She speaks my thoughts, wears the same outfits as me, and is so easily excitable its like we both want to burst when we are together.  I am *so* beyond grateful that these two found me. Documenting this time in their lives is magical…

I am so excited about these new friendships and I cannot wait until June!!!


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