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September 10, 2015

Back in March, I looked at my website, and my online presence, and felt that things were not aligning anymore. I had to be honest with myself, and my gut was telling me that I needed a more cohesive brand to reflect my work and speak more closely to my ideal clients. I had been […]



April 2, 2015

I have declared 2015 the year of BIG changes.  Yep… big scary, exciting changes. I have been thinking about this for about a year now, and well, one morning, about a month ago, I woke up and decided that it was time (as I often do when it comes to decision making).   I have […]


Branding, Life, Tamara

March 19, 2015

“There is a woman. Forever on a journey, she adventures through life, navigating its twists and turns with strength and grace. Not afraid to explore her past, she learns from every heartache, dreaming of the future and the chances it may hold.  Searching for a retreat, in the loving warmth of family, or a voyage […]


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