good vibes only

These two… Jenny and Mike. This session had everything going for it.  Beautiful light +beautiful colours + a very happy couple crazy in love.  Yep… you cannot fail with the last part alone… the awesome light and colours are just nice little extras 🙂

We rescheduled twice because the weather sucked, and we had our hearts set on sunshine.  I am so happy the third time was a charm and we were able to have this epic session!!! Jenny is a good friend of mine from the hospital. We started there about 6 months apart, and everyone used to confuse us (back when I had really blonde hair).  It got to the point where we just stopped correcting people and nodded and smiled, haha.  It is not a bad thing to be mistaken for this beauty!

Fast forward a couple years, and we were able to go on a girls trip to Nicaragua where I got to know this beautiful soul in a whole new light.  You just cannot help but smile when you are around her.  Now add in Mike, who also happens to be a super happy, chill guy, who is crazy in love with Jenny.  Together they will do amazing things… I have zero doubt in my mind.  I can’t even find the right words to describe my happiness for these two!! I am so honoured to be capturing this special time in your life, and I can’t wait to spend the MOST special day with you two next August!!





No shortage of giggles here… the best 🙂




Kay, does Jenny not look like Miranda Lambert bottom right? It was tripping me out!!!


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