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On our recent trip to Cabo, we stayed at a fabulous surf villa in Cerritos with our best friends.  It was truly paradise!  Just a five minute walk from our villa, were these stunning rocks and beaches.  Getting to photograph any couple here would have been a dream come true, but getting to photograph these two?   Well it was amazing. I absolutely LOVED every second of this shoot, with Gordo making Michele laugh hysterically, and me even that moment when I missed the most epic shot that could have ever been.  You see, I had them standing on some rocks, with the ocean and amazing sunset behind them, and put down my camera to ask them to do something different.  While I did this, a massive grey whale decided to breach right beside them, right INSIDE the shot I had set up.  I think I went into shock for a moment, and then once I realized the photo that could have been, I started screaming, and then I don’t think I stopped talking about it for the rest of the day.  Brent was standing beside me and saw it happen, but Michele and Gordo had no idea that a masssssssive whale jumped SO close to them!

After standing in their wedding last summer, and watching them fall more in love with eachother every day, I couldn’t be happier for these two as they have clearly found their perfect other half. There is nothing you could want more for your besties.   It is so incredible to see the travel the world together, and just DO life together:)  We couldn’t ask for better friends! We were just so excited to have this adventure together!

Mich and Gordo, I hope you love these photos.  That night was SO much fun 🙂  Until our next adventure….

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Come back on Thursday for a HUGE blog post about our entire trip!  Tons of awesome photos and hilarious surf bloopers to come 🙂

Happy Tuesday!



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