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A couple of years ago, I received an e mail from Christina asking if I would be interested in photographing her upcoming wedding in San Diego.  Well of course I was interested, however I ended up being booked for her date.  You see, Christina and I share a very close friend (Camille), and I met her one time back in high school years ago.  However, as I always get updates from Camille, I feel like I have been following her journey in moving to San Diego and falling in love and ultimately getting married!  And lemme tell you… this is one talented and inspiring woman.  Not only can she sing SO beautifully, she has just completed Law School and found an unreal job in San Diego (yea girl!!!).  And her hubby?  Oh well he is pretty awesome as well 🙂  I was so pumped to meet him.

They were married in summer 2012, and had said to keep them posted when I was ever traveling to California, so we could hopefully connect for a shoot.  WELL, since I was just in California for an amazing conference (which will be on the blog soon), we connected and made it happen!  I hopped on the train from Santa Barbara to San Diego, and was greeted my Christina wearing the exact (no word of a lie) same outfit as me!  We were both wearing tights and a jean button up shirt.  What are the chances?

I was so excited to go back to her in-laws home and go through all of her stunning wedding decor.  We really got to make this shoot into anything we wanted, and that excited me to no end.  It was chilly, super windy and very foggy, but that just added to the awesome-ness that was this shoot.  I had SO much fun running around the beach with Christina and Chris, and it was one of those nights where I could not be any more grateful to do what I do.  I made new friends, we drank wine and ate thai pizza (I swear it exists and it is more amazing than you can even imagine), and we created these amazing images.  Christina & Chris, THANK YOU for allowing me to capture this vision you had, and letting me make it my own as well.  You two are wonderful, and I truly had the best time with you both.

This shoot was also made even BETTER with the help of the lovely Courtney from Courtney Nicholson Makeup Artistry.  San Deigo, hire this lovely lady!  She is fabulous!  She even came to the shoot, and ran around with me everywhere.  Courtney, it was a pleasure meeting you, and you are fabulous at what you do!

Enjoy!! xoxo

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I would love to know what you think! xoxo

  1. Jennifer Friedman says:

    Fantastic! You both look so great. I really like the black and white ones.

  2. Brenda Nelson says:

    What beautiful pictures of an adorable couple. Love you Christina and Chris Aunt Brenda xoxo

  3. Jennifer Smith says:

    These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Briana Kate says:

    Absolutely stunning! Love them all!!!!

  5. Melissa Claire says:

    Unreal shoot!!! One of my favs!!!! xoxo you never fail to amaze me with your work Tee!!!

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