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Coming back from vacation is so bittersweet.  You have looked forward to it for so long, and then when you come back without knowing your next one… you want to go back and keep on living it up.  I was lucky to come back to some exciting shoots and jump right back into work, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t miss the feeling of the hot hot sun.  We had such an incredible trip with our amazing friends Michele and Gordo, so I thought I would share some highlights!

The trip started in Cerritos.  It was about an hour up the coast from Cabo, and it was paradise.  We stayed at a surf resort, and had a beachfront room that took our breath away every single day.  The sunsets were absolutely beautiful…

Tamara Lockwood Photography-232Tamara Lockwood Photography-3Tamara Lockwood Photography-9

We also got pretty good at surfing!  The waves were massssive during some parts of the day, so it was intimidating, but everyone was able to stand up and catch some solid waves.

Tamara Lockwood Photography-221Tamara Lockwood Photography-262Tamara Lockwood Photography-266Tamara Lockwood Photography-288

Then there was that one time that Brent got shown up by the surfer dude in the back… haha!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-292Tamara Lockwood Photography-306Tamara Lockwood Photography-324

I also really wanted to photograph Michele and Gordo together, since the location was unreal, but Michele insisted on getting some photos of Brent and I as well.  At the time, I just wanted to photograph them, but looking through the photos afterwards,  I was soooo grateful that she did this for us!  It was so nice getting some photos of us together for once!  🙂

Tamara Lockwood Photography-115Tamara Lockwood Photography-123Tamara Lockwood Photography-127Tamara Lockwood Photography-133

On Michele’s birthday, we went up to Todos Santos to see some freshly hatched turtles get released into the ocean.  Honestly, this is something I have wanted to do for SO long!!!  While in Nicaragua, we really wanted to do this, but it was the wrong season. So, needless to say, when we heard this would be happening, we jumped at the opportunity!  We saw the cutest little turtles, and also got to go to a beautiful beach!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-163Tamara Lockwood Photography-167Tamara Lockwood Photography-183

While here, I offered to photograph a really nice family from Vancouver who were staying at the same surf resort as we were.  They were SO sweet!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-12

And then THEY offered to take some photos of US, which was so greatly appreciated!! 🙂


Tamara Lockwood Photography-198

I love this girl 🙂  SO amazing to get to celebrate her birthday on this amazing beach!Tamara Lockwood Photography-194

Brent likes to make weird faces now when I am doing test shots lol!Tamara Lockwood Photography-201Tamara Lockwood Photography-204Time for the turtles to go into the ocean!  It was so amazing to me that they just went straight towards the crashing waves… how intimidating for such little tiny things!!Tamara Lockwood Photography-212

Our last sunset in Cerritos was stunning.  We brought water bottles filled with wine, and sat on the rocks and watched the sun disappear under the horizon.  Then we watched the sky turn all sorts of crazy colours before heading back to our spot for the night.

Tamara Lockwood Photography-347Tamara Lockwood Photography-352Tamara Lockwood Photography-362Tamara Lockwood Photography-373Tamara Lockwood Photography-370Tamara Lockwood Photography-381Tamara Lockwood Photography-385Tamara Lockwood Photography-393Tamara Lockwood Photography-398Tamara Lockwood Photography-400


Cabo itself was too crazy to bring the camera around.  It is a P-A-R-T-Y cittty!!!  SO much fun and so pretty too.  There were definitely a couple sunset cruises and some exploration to Lover’s Beach.  Brent got me a GoPro fro Christmas, so we brought it over to the rocky beach!  I was pretty impressed with the photos!  Lover’s Beach was gorgeous!  We just happened tp go on a day that was a tad windy, so there was almost no one there….. just us 🙂  It was perfect 🙂

Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-4Tamara Lockwood Photography-2

And some surfing bloopers to end the post… haha!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-290Tamara Lockwood Photography-296


Happy Thursday!  Think warm thoughts!

AND HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAY to the love of my life~!   I am sitting at home eagerly waiting for him to get back from school to take him out to celebrate 🙂  Can’t wait!!!

  1. Jacqui Phillips says:

    Love this Tamara! Especially the little turtles 🙂

  2. Sara Stankiewicz says:

    LOVE this post!! Pictures perfect as always <3

  3. Shealyn Angus says:

    THIS is amazing. What a beautiful set of love + moments. xoxoxo

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