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Travelling makes my soul sing, makes my heart happy and makes me feel SO alive.  I dream of trips to new places every single day.  This trip did all of those things for me and more.

I am so excited that I get to tell you all about this fun adventure!  Firstly, people keep asking “WHO did you go with?!”  Well, the trip was organized by the amazing ladies of Papaya Wellness (Carly & India). This was not my first trip with these ladies.  I also did one of their awesome retreats in Nicaragua. Seriously… if you are ever considering a surf/yoga retreat, you must contact these women!!  I can’t wait until our next one! (Ecaudor 2016???)  During that trip, they threw out the idea of a surf/yoga retreat in Bali, and I told them I was in.  I kept my promise, and this time brought along two of my favourite amigas Fiona and Jackie.  Ever since I met Jackie in Africa, I have always thought that she and Fiona would get along so well, and I couldn’t wait for them to meet!  It was a bit of a dream that we could all make it happen 🙂

I got to Bali and was greeted at the airport by India, as well as some close friends who are currently on the trip of a lifetime.  Eli & Ian, I was SOOO happy you were right there to meet me at the airport!!!  Then we hopped in the car to adventure all the way to Balian Beach.

Balian Beach is not a major tourist area in Bali.  In fact, many Balian people didn’t even know where Balian beach was!   This kind of excited me.  I had heard that Kuta was just a crammed beach that was super touristy which is not what I was feeling after 25 hours of travel time.  Balian is definitely off the beaten path, which was awesome.  We got there as the sun was going down, and arrives at our homestay at night.  The next day we were pretty eager to explore the beach.  I was surprised to find that it was a completely black sand beach!  Correction, black and super sparkly.  It was really beautiful and unlike anything I had ever seen.  So obviously, Elisa and I covered ourselves in it 🙂  I loved it.

The days that followed involved new members of our group arriving, and new friendships made.  Each morning started with yoga at 7 am, and then breakfast, some downtime, surfing all afternoon, followed by anything we wanted, and then sunset yoga. It was structure that allowed plenty of time for exploring new places, going on fun beach hikes, discovering the best iced coffee on the planet, massages (Balian massages are amazing), and bonding with the group.  After this trip, my travel bug is at an all-time high!  I will have to do something about that soon 🙂 Enjoy!!


Balian Beach early morning before yoga… my favourite.Bali-8Bali-9Bali-10Bali-12

Our badass instructors catching waves!Bali-21Bali-24

They inspired us by durfing the “big waves” and literally pushed us into our own.  I heart them 🙂Bali-26Bali-27SO. MUCH. LOVE!!!!Bali-30This was our last day surfing in Balian.  We moved over to the bigger waves for the last day.  There were some hilarious bails, amazing waves, and seriously sore arms.  It was awesome.Bali-37

That would be Rochelle, just killing it.  We all said that she had the best form and looked most like a “real surfer” lol.  And Emma… posing with her board 🙂Bali-59

Fiona… <3 Poor girl had some Bali Belly this day… but she made it out and is responsible for many of these photos!  Fi, you are one incredible woman.  Thank you SO much for sparking my adventurous side.  I still feel like you are responsible for my love of travel from that fateful day where you asked me to go to Costa Rica in 4 hours from the phone call… and then I did.  Ever since, we have been dreaming of more adventures which lead us here.  She busts her ass everyday in her residency, and then trusts me to fly across the world for the short time she could get off.  Fi… I am so grateful for our friendship, and I can’t wait to see where this crazy life takes us next! <3 Bali-66Bali-81Bali-86

We had many dog followers. Lol.Bali-89

We do this same Jump Shot in every single place we go.  One day, I will make a blog of all of our jump shots from around the world.  That will be a fun post!Bali-88This was one of my trip highlights.  This was my best wave.  It was worth every hour of sore arms, rash burn and swallowed salt water.  I need more ocean in my life!!! Bali-95


“Getting Iced” came back on this trip…. this was 8:00 am.  Poor India. lol.

Throughout our week in Balian, we made an inspiration surfboard.  It is going up in the home where we stayed.  I love that we each left a piece of ourselves there 🙂  What an incredible group!Bali-109Bali-118Bali-122

This was the day we travelled to Ubud, but we made the trip more interesting with a stop/hike at a waterfall along the way 🙂Bali-126Bali-129

Carly!!!!  This girl dove right into the waterfall and posed it up. This woman inspired me beyond measure.  I admire her so much for this life she leads, following dreams and living the life she imagined.  Girl, you are amazing… I am so happy for you and Bo!!!  Bali-134We tried to be as badass as Carly, and failed.Bali-141

Right before the crazy rain started 🙂Bali-147

UBUD.  I loved this place for SOOO many reasons… what an awesome place. Rich in culture, colour, taste and SHOPPING!  For serious though, such nice people, in such a wonderful place.  I cannot explain how at leace I felt here.  I could have stayed much longer!Bali-153

I love coffee.  That is no secret.  I am actually on my 2nd delicious cup today as I write this post, and the cup I am drinking is from the plantation we visited below! I want to put the 3 photos below on small canvases for out kitchen… I lovvvve the colours and textures!Bali-162

Our coffee sampler… heaven.  Coconut coffee was my favourite… with real coconut creme!  Take me back!Bali-167

We don’t care about rain when we have these adorable umbrellas 🙂Bali-169Bali-170

This chick. India.  I heart her free spirit and open heart.  She is so rad and I am better for knowing her 🙂Bali-173Bali-181

Everything is so intricate and beautiful. The Hinduu gods are everywhere, which really sparked my interest in learning more about Hinduism!Bali-185

That hand below is digging into find a cacao bean!!  This is what they come from! How crazy is this?!!  Mmmm.Bali-201Bali-204

Working hard in the rice paddies. I admire these women, so much!

Bali-213Bali-214This was the only temple we visited on our trip… but it was so beautiful and interesting to learn about the culture.  So happy we went!


This crew… for real.Bali-230

My soul sisters… united in Bali… happy happy happy 🙂Bali-236Bali-237

Oh these two… recently engaged!  SO happy for them!!! 🙂Bali-249

The last house we stayed in had this epic bradd bathtub.  Minutes before Fiona left for the airport… her only wish was to have photos in this tub! HahaBali-259When I was little, I had a small obsession with monkeys.  The movie “Monkey Trouble”, was big trouble for my parents, who had to endure endless begging for a pet monkey.  I never got one, obviously, but they did get me this stuffed monkey that could hang around my neck.  There was a good while where that little guy came everywhere with me lol.  Well, all these years later, and I am still obsessed with monkeys.  When I found out that there was a monkey jungle in the middle of Ubud, there was no question that I had to go.  I was so pumped.  I will be honest… if the idea of monkeys jumping on you at any moment and playing with your hair doesn’t appeal to you in any way, than this place is NOT for you.  Fortunately for us… we were game for anything.  Then all of this happened… lol.Bali-265Bali-268Bali-278Bali-286Bali-298Bali-306Bali-314

Attack! Jackie held the shutter continuously for this entire series of photos… lol.Bali-316Bali-334Bali-338Then there was this guy, who jumped up and grabbed this 1.5 litre water bottle out of someones hand, screwed off the lid, and then drank it until satisfied.  I was dying.  My cheeks hurt so bad after leaving this place from endless laughs.Bali-343

WHAT is happening?!?!! hahaha!Bali-346Bali-348Bali-351

Last night!  We spent out last evening in Caangu (back on the coast).  We had terrifying scooter rides, amazing massages, delicious tuna steaks, an epic sunset, a few last waves and really soaked it all in.Bali-354Bali-357

Jackie.  There are no words for how grateful I am to have you in my life.  You have been my soul sister since the day we met.  We have travelled to some epic places, gone on amazing adventures that have got us lost, and found again.  You challenge me, push me, encourage me and make me a better person. You have a kind soul and a contagiously positive energy. You inspire me each time we see each other. You are a forever friend that I am beyond grateful to have, and I can’t wait to meet you in Hawaii in less than a month for another adventure!Bali-363

I also had my cellphone on me a ton more than my camera (mostly due to the crazy rain!)… so here is a compilation of iphone favs as well 🙂 If you follow me on Instagram @tamara_lockwood – then you might have seen some of these already!

IMG_5547Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b1 presetIMG_5612IMG_5692IMG_5722IMG_5743IMG_5774IMG_5804IMG_5861IMG_5866

Please note the gecko beside Jackie’s side of the bed.  Jackie is terrrrrrified of reptiles… so this was funny. IMG_5876

Side Note:  I read 2 books while I was away that I totally recommend!!!Print

1. A House in the Sky (Amanda Lindhout) – This true story broke my heart, scared the crap out of me and inspired me beyond measure. This brave author shared an incredibly terrifying story, and I could NOT stop reading it.  I want to meet this woman one day!

2. Yoga Bitch – This book is SO good, and SO hilarious. I bought it because I thought the name was funny and I was going on a yoga retreat!  I never even read the back until I got to Bali, and realized that the yoga teacher training that the author goes on is right in Ubud, right where we were!!!  It was so fun to read while in Bali, and relating to SO many of the hilarious stories that she described (like when the geckos hang out in the rafters and poop beside your yoga mat). Such a light, funny read!


OKAY, wow, that was one long post!!  But I can’t help it!  It was so much fun 🙂  Happy Thursday!!!!


  1. Fiona Stewart says:

    What a beautiful post that truly captures the energy and spirit of our time in Bali – blissful and rejuvenating in every way!
    I love to you the stars and back missy! I’m already planning our next adventure 😉

  2. India Reinartz says:

    So many great memories. Thank you for sharing those awesome photos T. I miss it already. We are starting to plan our next adventure already. Ecuador here we come, gotta get the crew back together! x

  3. Rochelle Polach says:

    I love looking at this album and reminiscing of our time in Bali. I feel so blessed to have been able to share an adventure with all of you.

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