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Happy 2015!!!!  I cannot believe it is 2015 right now… I think back to when it was going to be 2000… and it feels like yesterday.  Here we are 15 years later, and I am freaking out about how fast time is flying.

If you have read my blogs in the past 2 years come a new year, I am not one for resolutions… but more for goals.  I have learned that sharing goals makes you more accountable to achieve the goals that are set. I love that the new year feels like a fresh start to set goals to accomplish. (It is also the off-season, where there is much more time to accomplish these goals 😉 )  It is also super beneficial to look back at last years goals and see how far you have come.  So first, I am looking back at the goals I set for myself in 2015 to see how I did.

– Book more Destination Weddings ( which means do more to attract destination couples) I booked TWO!  One in Punta Cana and one in TUSCANY!!!  I am just a little tad bit crazy excited!! I hope this trend continues into 2016 🙂

– Organization.  I am ancient in my ways with my written calendar, and handwritten checklists.  It has worked for me, but there are SO many amazing tools available now, that I really need to try hard to make my workflow more efficient.  Currently considering Pixifi! – GOT PIXIFI!  Life changer.  So happy at how it has helped my business!  I am still all for the written calendars though… I decided that it is the best thing that works for me … and I love having it!

– Organize Gmail.  – Fail.  Trying again this year!

Hire one of the many amazing photographers I know, to get a couples session with Brent!  We have never had a professional photo taken together, and I would SO love to make that happen!  This year will be the year.  We are planning a trip to Chicago, so all you Chicago friends… I am thinking of you – Well we never made it to Chicago this year, BUT we did go for a long overdue trip to Vancouver where we had the amazing Christie Graham Photography capture some beautiful photos of the two of us.  It was so interesting being on the other side of the camera, and we had a blast!

– Family Mini-Sessions in SPRING and FALL We managed some fall sessions that were awesome!! 

MORE boudoir Mini-Sessions… Bachelorette parties anyone?  This was such a fun thing this year! – YES this happened!!!  I would love to get more in the works.  What a fun photo to give the man in your life, or to just do for yourself!

Another styled shoot with Shea from the fabulous Bliss Events –  Time escaped us on this one… 2015? 🙂

– Start to include applying for blog publications in my post wedding workflow. –  Thank you Two Bright Lights for making this so much easier!  Some of my amazing 2014 clients have graced the pages of Glamour & Grace, Wedding Chicks, The Knot and Something Turquoise with a few more in the works! 🙂

– OUTSOURCE editing.  It has to happen. It willlll happen. I will find someone… I think I can, I think I can.  Suggestions are more than welcome here!!! –  I was finally able to find someone who made my life a whole lot easier this year.  Well worth it!

– More date nights…. I love date nights. –  I think this was accomplished… Lots of double dates, movie nights, show marathons, walks, trip planning, wine and cheese parties, weekend getaways – all the good stuff 🙂


Now for 2015…

Business Goals:

– Create a welcome package for new clients filled with tons of great information and resources

– Offer an album alternative in new packaging.  Rather than a book of spreads, something like a beautiful box of loose images (current brides and grooms, if this is something that excites you, leave a comment or send me a message!)

– Make more time for creativity. I desperately want to re-visit FILM photography… so now is as good a time as any to re-discover it!

– Organize my entire Gmail inbox into folders.  This WILL be the year!

– Styled shoot

– Attend a different workshop with more specific goals, rather than a large conference this year.

– New Packaging for clients

– I am thinking about a re-brand.  This is a MASSIVE undertaking, but with the right help, I think I am ready for it 🙂

Personal Goals:

– Be present in each moment.

– Be more spontaneous and make last minute getaway plans to somewhere we have never been.

– Get another beach volleyball team together.

– Send more Snail Mail (started this goal before Christmas).

– Start training for a half marathon in May.

– Make a gallery wall in our home!  (this is already in the works… after TONS of Pinteresting… )

– Make more goals as the year goes on.

– Take a cooking class (those who know me, know I need it.  Poor Brent).


I am so beyond excited for what this year has in store, and so excited to share more of that with you guys!! Wishing everyone an amazing 2015 filled with adventure, laughs, and big dreams!




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  1. Kate Foster says:

    Awesome goals T. I have no doubt that you will achieve all of them and more! Happy New Year:)

  2. Carly Chivers says:

    love this T!!!

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