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I thought I would start this day with some sweet baby love!!  I didn’t get around to posting this during the holidays, but I couldn’t NOT share these sweet images of some of my favourite people and their beautiful baby boy!  I have had the pleasure of getting to know Lindsay and Nick over the past couple years since we first met to discuss me photographing their wedding, and I find myself looking forward to working with them and capturing their milestones.  Their first baby was no exception!  It is truly an honour to be able to get to know couples and to be the person they call when something big and important happens in their lives.

I am grateful to have got to capture this sweet baby, and I am more grateful for the friendship that has developed with Lindsay and Nick!  I cannot wait to see your family grow, and to capture more moments to come…

With Love,


Baby James 2014*-63

Baby James 2014*-5Baby James 2014*-11Baby James 2014*-12Baby James 2014*-14Baby James 2014*-62Baby James 2014*-28Baby James 2014*-36Baby James 2014*-66Baby James 2014*-88Baby James 2014*-70Baby James 2014*-46Baby James 2014*-84Baby James 2014*-94Baby James 2014*-107Baby James 2014*-118Baby James 2014*-214Baby James 2014*-120Baby James 2014*-130Baby James 2014*-167Baby James 2014*-188Baby James 2014*-208Baby James 2014*-195Baby James 2014*-205Baby James 2014*-233

  1. Christin Twitchin says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Amazing job Tamara!!! xoxo

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