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Abby & Jeff got married on one of the rainiest days of September, but that did not get in the way of what was a beautiful day from start to finish. It did not get in the way of the sweet laughs they shared, kind words exchanged in the beautiful speeches, and the epic party that ended the night!  It was such a fun wedding.  Abby and Jeff were surrounded by so much love and positive energy on their wedding day, and it was so wonderful to be a part of it!

Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-5Tamara Lockwood Photography-2Tamara Lockwood Photography-8Tamara Lockwood Photography-9Tamara Lockwood Photography-14Tamara Lockwood Photography-16Tamara Lockwood Photography-18Tamara Lockwood Photography-2Tamara Lockwood Photography-4Tamara Lockwood Photography-5Tamara Lockwood Photography-20The day started with major rain.  Like I mean, pull over on the side of the highway because my windshield wipers were not wiping fast enough kind of rain.  I still had hope for sunshine though… or at least for the rain to stop!  And it DID!!! Just in time for photos.  I was a happy girl 🙂Tamara Lockwood Photography-23Tamara Lockwood Photography-29Tamara Lockwood Photography-30Tamara Lockwood Photography-35Tamara Lockwood Photography-37Tamara Lockwood Photography-43Tamara Lockwood Photography-47Tamara Lockwood Photography-52Tamara Lockwood Photography-53Tamara Lockwood Photography-57Tamara Lockwood Photography-59Tamara Lockwood Photography-61Tamara Lockwood Photography-62Tamara Lockwood Photography-67Tamara Lockwood Photography-70Tamara Lockwood Photography-73Tamara Lockwood Photography-76Tamara Lockwood Photography-80Tamara Lockwood Photography-82Tamara Lockwood Photography-84Tamara Lockwood Photography-85

I can honestly say, that this wedding was the most unique reception i have ever been to!  It felt like I was in a really cool club.  The MC (details) was phenominalllll.  I have never seen one person get a whole crowd SO pumped up the way he did.  It was so much fun! This wedding party had an EPIC entrance!  The guys rocked out, and the girls danced it out with sweet sunglasses, and then the crowd literally went WILD when Abby and Jeff ran in and the dancing continued!!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-88Tamara Lockwood Photography-91Tamara Lockwood Photography-94Tamara Lockwood Photography-95Tamara Lockwood Photography-99Tamara Lockwood Photography-101Tamara Lockwood Photography-111Tamara Lockwood Photography-113Tamara Lockwood Photography-117Tamara Lockwood Photography-122Tamara Lockwood Photography-129Alllllll of the ladies in this pic are incredible nurses that I have worked with in the past or work with now, and I am so incredibly lucky to know each and every one of them! Thanks to Janna for letting me jump in this one! xoxTamara Lockwood Photography-13Tamara Lockwood Photography-130Tamara Lockwood Photography-133Tamara Lockwood Photography-147

Abby and Jeff, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for choosing me to capture your special day.  Abby, you are a wonderful friend, and it was really special to get to see your entire day unfold from beginning to end.  I wish you two endless love, laughter and babies 🙂





  1. Katie McIlmoyle says:

    Tamara, they are so beautiful!! You are amazing!

  2. Abby Faminial says:

    Beautiful photos! Lots of smiles, laughter, Love and Happy faces all around… Thank you!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! xoxo

  3. Kathy Theobald Bell says:

    Wow! Beautiful pictures! Beautiful bride and bridesmaids! Beautiful day!

  4. Lisa Ongcangco Coles says:

    Gorgeous! I may have missed out on this wonderful day, but these photos make me feel like I was actually there 🙂 Thanks!

  5. Imee Faminial says:

    Thanks Tamara, the photos are lovely. It was indeed a very special day. The pouring rain in the morning on our way to church was blessing from above (that’s what oldies believe) 🙂 I believe it too.!! Your photos are memories of what an amazing day it was.

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