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I am so excited to share this post and tell you about what amazing things Lynsey has been up to!  You may recognize Lynsey as one of my previous brides (Check out here!).

Lynsey Loves Food was developed a couple years ago, and it has actually become one of my favourite food blogs! I have been amazed with her over the past few months watching her blog develop with amazing recipes and healthy tips and advice.  She has even gone so far as to get published in Chatelaine and Huffington Post!  Seriously Lynsey, you are killing it, in the best way possible!!! Make sure to check out her blog at  Her whole motto is to “love food, and it will love you back”.  I love it 🙂

I was blown away with Lynsey during this shoot.  First off, can we talk about that dress?  We literally had people stopping her on the street to tell her how gorgeous she looked.  Her inner supermodel was shining that day.  Especially when I made her pose for the cover of her future cookbook 😉

Well Lynsey, I hope when you do become famous and rock your own cookbook, that I can be the girl behind the camera to capture your big moment!  For now, I think I got you covered 🙂

Keep that bright light shining!!!! xoxox

Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-3Tamara Lockwood Photography-5

Tamara Lockwood Photography-11Tamara Lockwood Photography-13Tamara Lockwood Photography-17Tamara Lockwood Photography-20Tamara Lockwood Photography-22Tamara Lockwood Photography-23Tamara Lockwood Photography-30Tamara Lockwood Photography-36Tamara Lockwood Photography-38Tamara Lockwood Photography-39Tamara Lockwood Photography-42Tamara Lockwood Photography-47Tamara Lockwood Photography-49Tamara Lockwood Photography-53Tamara Lockwood Photography-55

Let’s give this pretty lady some love here!!! xoxoxox

  1. Jess Slade says:

    Love! So beautiful!!

  2. Lindsay McCarthy says:

    Great photos!!

  3. Anne Jeffries says:

    Beautiful pictures.

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