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I met Karima and Navaz in beautiful downtown Oakville, and now officially want to move there!  They showed me so many beautiful spots, that I keep wanting to go back! We had such a blast wondering around the waterfront and soaking in the beautiful sunset light!  The location was chosen by both K & N as this is where they got engaged.  We even went to the exact spot! So awesome.

Karima is a make up artist, and a fabulous one at that!  Future brides who are still looking for a make up artist… check out Karima’s website: – She seriously rocks 🙂


Tamara Lockwood Photography-4Tamara Lockwood Photography-6Tamara Lockwood Photography-8Tamara Lockwood Photography-9Tamara Lockwood Photography-14Tamara Lockwood Photography-2Tamara Lockwood Photography-17Tamara Lockwood Photography-19Tamara Lockwood Photography-22Tamara Lockwood Photography-28Tamara Lockwood Photography-34Tamara Lockwood Photography-36Tamara Lockwood Photography-39Then we went to the actual spot where Navaz proposed to Karima!!!  It was so cute watching them try to find the exact rock where it happened, and rekindle that moment… I loved it!Tamara Lockwood Photography-42Tamara Lockwood Photography-44Tamara Lockwood Photography-50Tamara Lockwood Photography-51Tamara Lockwood Photography-55Tamara Lockwood Photography-57Tamara Lockwood Photography-58Right after they got engaged… they came to this exact spot for what they claimed was “the best gelato, ever!”  Well, I have to agree it was pretty darn delicious 🙂Tamara Lockwood Photography-59

I absolutely cannot wait to hang out with you guys again… your wedding just seems so far!!!  Thank you so much for letting me capture these moments for you <3


  1. Sharifa Habib says:

    Love the pictures!!! Great job Tamara!!!

  2. Enrique Rodriguez says:

    Wow! Great job indeed!

  3. Rehana K says:

    Beautiful pics!

  4. Ana Maria Constantin Kenk says:

    Amazing pictures, beautiful people!

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