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I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend 🙂

This weekend, Brent and I hopped on the Via to Montreal (this was actually my Christmas present!  If only I could attach the slideshow that went along with it…). It was such an awesome weekend full of really amazing food, beautiful streets, chilly weather, and lastly sleeping in igloos in -14 weather. I am blogging the trip a bit backwards. Today I will talk about the hotel, and you can come back for part II tomorrow, for the rest of the trip!

So, we arrived around 7 pm last night to the Ice Village. I only used flash in a couple of these photos, in an attempt to show exactly what it looked and felt like 🙂 This is what we saw upon arrival:

The theme of the Ice Hotel was New York City.  All of the rooms were somehow NYC themes, like the aquarium, Marvel comics, Time Square, Central Park, etc…

Here are some more of the sweet rooms we got to check out when we got there, and the hallways to get to them 🙂

This was our room:

The restaurant was pretty awesome, but you could only order a three – course meal in there, which was a bit of a bummer.  We were hoping to have some appetizers or something, but there was not any options.  So, off to the bar we went!

I can honestly say, I have never been to a bar this cool.  Drink of choice: Hot chocolate and Amarula:

After one hour in the hot tub, we were finally boiled from the outside in, and ready to make the adventure to the igloo!  The sleeping bags were designed for -30 degrees, and we were told that our rooms will average from 0 to -5. They recommended NOT bundling up to the extreme underneath the sleeping bags, so the snow pants, extra winter jackets, extra mittens/scarves/hats, were all tucked away!  We were able to zip the mummy sleeping bags together for extra warmth!

We were woken up at 8: 3o this morning, and I was SO excited that we made it through the night, and actually woke up super toasty warm.  We then got to go to a heated building for a delicious breakfast with lots of coffee and hot chocolate.  It was a perfect way to end the weekend!

Now just editing away on the long train ride home 🙂  Happy Monday everyone!









  1. Erica Gomez says:

    That must have been a photographer’s dream! Beautifully-captured, Tamara.

  2. Debbie Lockwood says:

    What an awesome experience, photo’s are amazing!

  3. Denise Mills says:

    just fabulous, Tamara thank you for sharing this experience, I have always wanted to do this!

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  5. Jennifer Liong says:

    ohhh this is so cool, tee!

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