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Montreal is a chilly city.  Very chilly.  BUT it has some of the best food I have ever tasted!

The day before we left, I posted to Facebook asking what I should not miss in Montreal!  We took many of the recommendations, including Juliette & Chocolat.  I can honestly say, that the grilled banana and salted caramel crepe was the best crepe, or even dessert I have EVER had… mmm.  The cappuccino also warmed my soul 🙂

Brent is a HUGE food network fan, and as a result, we ended up at Chef Chuck Hughes restaurant called Le Bremner, in Old Montreal.   On the walk down, I was just loving the beautiful architecture and lights!

At first, we were kind of bummed that we could only get a reservation at the bar, but our mind changed very quickly, when we actually had the very best service ever!  The bartender and oyster shucker were amazing, and chatted us up the entire time we were there!  They even gave us a huge list of things to do the next day.  If only things were open later on Sunday’s or we had more days on this trip….

I won’t lie, I got so excited when the food came that I forgot to take photos. This might have happened at every place I am blogging about, haha.

We definitely took the bartenders advice and went to an incredible restauarant for brunch called, Mason Publique.  It was right in the middle of a neighbourhood, and had great coffee, unreal food, and awesome music.  AND their menu was written out on receipt paper, as it changes often.

We took a walk through the market, and then went to an amazing department stor called Simons, since everyone suggested we go there!  I was very impressed.  After that we went back to Old Montreal once more, and came across this awesome LOVE sign 🙂

We spent that last night at the amazing Ice Hotel!  If you missed the full blog post on that experience, you can check it out here: 

We are already planning a Montreal trip in the summer again!  I loved the city, and it was frigid outside, so I imagine we will fall deeper in love come summer 🙂





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