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I am so excited to share this session that had me absolutely giddy the WHOLE way through!!

Though Katie and Mike have so many sentimental spots around the Hamilton area from the  beginning of their relationship, Barrie is where they have chosen to start their lives together. I was able to go to their home (enjoy a yummy glass of wine), and then follow them to some of their favourite spots around their home.  I grew up in Barrie, and I didn’t even know of this area or this beach!!  It was such a strange feeling to be in a place I called home for so long and be uncovering hidden treasures like this.  There is a LOT of love in this post… like that sweet, beautiful, gotta have it kind of love that is my reason for working with couples.  Get ready…



Please note the creeper in the background, haha!Katie&Mike-3Katie&Mike-8Katie&Mike-10Katie&Mike-13

<3 I felt like we were in Fern Gully here haha!Katie&Mike-14Katie&Mike1-3Katie&Mike3-5Katie&Mike-15

This ring though!Katie&Mike-16Katie&Mike-28Real love, is hugs like this…. 🙂Katie&Mike-32Katie&Mike-38Katie&Mike-41Katie&Mike-43Katie&Mike-47Katie&Mike-48Katie&Mike-50Katie&Mike-54

YOU GUYS!!! GAh!Katie&Mike-59Katie&Mike-61Katie&Mike-66Katie&Mike-67Katie&Mike-74

Sunsets and cuddles…. it doesn’t get better….

I can’t wait to see you both tomorrow when I photograph your sister Kayla’s wedding!!  Can’t wait to see your MC skills Katie!!! xox

  1. Linda Deverson says:

    Wonderfully beautiful, romantic, LOVEly pics………..Great Ollie was part of the fun time too…..can’t wait to see Kayla’s & Brady’s wedding pics & then of course, Katie’s & Mike’s wedding pics. Had you thought about changing your name to include perhaps a “K”?—How about “Kamara Lockerson”?????lol!!!! xoxo

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