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A few weeks ago, two of the most awesome people (finally) got married.  I can’t even put into words how grateful I am, that I was able to be there to capture this epic day.  Jac and Aaron have been together for a very long time.  They have endured years of long distance, living apart to pursue their education and careers for years.  During that time, they both knew they had found a *very* special thing  in one another, no matter where their dreams had placed them on a map. This is just one of the reasons they have built such a strong connection that is hard to miss when you spend time with them together.  They make me laugh so much… individually, and together. They are light-hearted, wonderful people that I am so happy to call friends, and I was ecstatic to watch the two of them tie the knot on this beautiful trip!

I have always had a very BIG love for destination weddings.  Being surrounded by your closest friends and family for more than one day in a beautiful place is pretty amazing.  The group of people that I got to know and spend time with on this trip were just really awesome people.  Jac and Aaron, you have some incredible people in your life, and it was really fun spending time with them, and you.

With bursts of love for you both, enjoy!  xoxo.
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This resort was the first that I have seen to have a tiny little chapel!  J+A Blog-73J+A Blog-76J+A Blog-79J+A Blog-82J+A Blog-89J+A Blog-97J+A Blog-99

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Jac, you are just so stunning!!!  That dress!!! <3 J+A Blog-114J+A Blog-122J+A Blog-123J+A Blog-125

These girls though…J+A Blog-127J+A Blog-128J+A Blog-130J+A Blog-136J+A Blog-133J+A Blog-140J+A Blog-144J+A Blog-152

When you can frame an image with a palm tree… you are scoring in the location department.
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I can honestly say that this is the very first time I wore my bathing suit under my dress to photograph a wedding… totally worth it!J+A Blog-211

Actually though?! Thank you Mother Nature… for giving us this stunner of a day.J+A Blog-204J+A Blog-215

These girls… clearly ready to get the party started.  I leave them for 20 minutes! HahaJ+A Blog-222J+A Blog-232J+A Blog-234J+A Blog Rec-4J+A Blog Rec-6J+A Blog Rec-12J+A Blog Rec-21J+A Blog Rec-23J+A Blog Rec-38J+A Blog Rec-44J+A Blog Rec-47

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This day…. you really can’t ask for more. <3

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    oh my gosh! I can’t even…these photos. just stunning tamara!!!!! i also actually love love love the grooms pocket square! so cute.

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