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Every time I do a destination wedding, I always include a day after session or engagement session at sunrise or sunset.  Jac and Aaron opted for a more casual vibe as sunrise, and I was pretty excited about that!  Sunrise has the absolute prettiest lighting…  Not to mention, I really couldn’t pick a better way to end off such an incredible trip with old friends and new.  I couldn’t stop smiling the whole flight home!!  I figured I would use this as a teaser before I get their full wedding blog post ready 🙂

Enjoy 🙂

2015-05-26_00342015-05-26_0035 2015-05-26_00082015-05-26_00092015-05-26_00102015-05-26_00112015-05-26_0012

Exploring a little bit goes a long way… I love the beach… but changing it up with a forest of palm trees was just right for this day 🙂2015-05-26_00132015-05-26_00142015-05-26_00152015-05-26_00172015-05-26_00162015-05-26_00182015-05-26_00192015-05-26_0020

Love this one!!2015-05-26_00212015-05-26_00222015-05-26_00232015-05-26_00242015-05-26_00252015-05-26_00262015-05-26_00272015-05-26_0028

JAC…. you are crazy beautiful… I am in love with these images!! 🙂2015-05-26_00292015-05-26_00312015-05-26_0032

Can I please shoot in the ocean all the time?!?!  This was the best 🙂

  1. Nikita D'Souza says:

    the pictures are beautiful!

  2. Betty Mendler says:

    Where was the fam?

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