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Friends having babies… it is just one of those things that I can never believe!  Hear me out, haha… it just makes me realize how much we are all growing up!  Kevin is one of my best friends from university. We lived in the same dorm and knew eachother in such a different time of our lives!  Then he met this beautiful woman Miranda, and became a father to a perfect little baby named Sawyer.  It BLOWS my mind!  Life is just crazy… friends are becoming mothers and fathers, and I still feel like I am a kid myself!! I will take any chance I can get to cuddle those babies though… Sawyer is just one of those perfect babies.  And that smile??? Gah, can you say heartbreaker?? The kid is 3 weeks old and he already has that smile?!?!?!

Kev and Miranda… my heart bursts for you two… It was so great getting to meet Sawyer last weekend, and I cannot wait to see him grow up and watch you guys fall deeper in love with parenthood 🙂


The best…Sawyer-57

The dog was definitely sticking its tongue out at Miranda, lol.Sawyer-61Sawyer-72Sawyer-108

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