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In initial consultations, I am always asked, “What is a First Look, anyways?  I thought I would take this chance to explain the concept of a First Look on the blog today! (Photos included!).

A First Look is an opportunity for the bride and groom to see one another before the ceremony on their wedding day, and capture the true intimacy of the moment when they see eachother for the first time on their weddind day. It is private and personal, and creates some of my favourite photos because of the intense emotion in that moment.

Tradition has told us that it is bad luck to see one another before the ceremony, and many couples feel that it will take away from “that moment” when you first see eachother at either end of the aisle.  In the end, it is about what is best for you as a couple.

Why is a first look  appealing? Here are a few reasons:

1. More time – For the bride and groom to talk to eachother before the ceremony, tell eachother how they are feeling, calm nerves, and get excited about the day!  When you meet eachother at the end of the aisle, you do not get that opportunity to talk, and the day just picks up speed from that point forward.

2. Enjoy your cocktail hour! – Since we have done several of the photos prior to the ceremony, you can head right back to the cocktail reception after the ceremony and join your guests 🙂

3. Control over the situation – Having a pre-selected location with amazing lighting and no one else around makes it a nice private time for the bride and groom.

4. You get MORE portraits! This is a great opportunity for candid photos. More time = more photos 🙂

The way I conduct a first look on the wedding, is to create a private moment for the bride and groom at a pre-selected location.  This means, it is just the bride, groom, myself and my assistant if the couple chooses to have a second photographer.  I set it up in different ways, usually having the groom facing me with his eyes closed, and allowing the bride to walk up to the groom abnd either tap him on the shoulder, wrap her arms around him, or just walk right in front of him and tell him to open his eyes.  Each first look is different, and each is special and unique in it’s own way.  I have shivers writing about this right now!

I completely understand that the “First Look” is not for everyone.  By no means am I saying that your wedding day will be ANY less special if you do not have a First Look.  This is just to educate brides out there about other options to maximize time on their wedding day.  In the end, you need to make a decision that you feel is best, which will stem from what you are the most comfortable with.

I hope this answered some of your questions! If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or feel free to send me an e mail 🙂




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