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Sarah and Nick were home visiting from Vancouver, and we managed to squeeze in some time over their brief holiday to do some fun engagement photos!

I met Sarah in my first year at Western.  We lived right down the hall from eachother!  Although these two are high school sweethearts, I did not have the pleasure of meeting him until we has our session.

It was great getting to know you two as a couple!  I wish you all the very best!! <3

Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-3Tamara Lockwood Photography-7Tamara Lockwood Photography-15Tamara Lockwood Photography-16Tamara Lockwood Photography-21

At one point in the shoot, I told them… “Guys, I really want it to snow.”  Approximately 3 minutes later…. this happened!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-24Tamara Lockwood Photography-27Tamara Lockwood Photography-32Tamara Lockwood Photography-37Tamara Lockwood Photography-41Tamara Lockwood Photography-42Tamara Lockwood Photography-43Tamara Lockwood Photography-44


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    Great pictures

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