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Working in the wedding industry means not only working with brides and grooms, but also with all of the other vendors chosen by the bride and groom.  I am so fortunate in that I get to see so much amazing talent in florals, design, planning, music, catering and so much more.  But when a certain vendor creates a product that I truly cannot forget (after swooning over everything all day long) I want to know more. I first got the opportunity to work with Laura of Patchouli Floral Love + Design, at Lynsey and Bret’s wedding at the Cambridge Mill.  I have seen SO many beautiful amazing bouquets in my life and work, but the florals at this wedding literally blew me away.  They were absolutely STUNNING.  They had such an organic look and feel, like Laura and Alex hand picked all the prettiest flowers in the garden and put a special twist on them to make them just perfect.  It was different, and I think that is one of the reasons that it stood out so much!

A little Q+A with Laura and Alex:

1) 1) What do you think makes Patchouli unique?

We think of flowers as an expression of fashion and consider ourselves stylists. We choose each event,arrangement or wedding floral selection as that of a collection. We like to bring a sense of earthy wildflowers from a field to an upscale city feel.

2) What inspires you and your work?

We are inspired by our beautiful Earth’s offerings, the culture in our city as well as that of the places we visit. We draw inspiration from anything that excites us. Working with flowers through the changing seasons, admiring their texture, colour and beauty never ceases to impress and inspire us.

3) What can a client count on when they book Patchouli for their wedding or event?

They can count on professional reliable service and flowers made fresh and with love.

4) Describe Patchouli’s vision:

To bring the beauty and magic of wild mother nature to your wedding, event or home.

5) What kind of client does Patchouli usually work with?

We are so thankful for the clients we have! Our clients are diverse, are usually looking for advice for a creative solution and share our love for natural looking arrangements.

I wanted to see some behind the scenes action… how they put together the beautiful masterpieces that they do.  I literally watched in fascination… these girls are amazzzzing at what they do!I made one decision after spending an afternoon with these ladies…. (not not that they are going to be the florist at my wedding one day, I already knew that!), but that I am going to be a florist in my next life.  WHAT a beautiful amazing job!!!  I guess I should start working on trying to keep any plant alive 🙂

Check out more of their awesome-ness here!



Meet Alex!

Meet Laura!SG6A7418SG6A7399

Take  # 1765. Lol.  Because why shouldn’t you throw peonies in the air?SG6A7452SG6A7518SG6A7555SG6A7646SG6A7664SG6A7687SG6A7691Voila! 🙂  SG6A7695

Beauty right?!  *Sigh* Cannot wait to work with these ladies again soon!!!!

Happy Thursday! xoxox

  1. Alex Cole says:

    Tamara Lockwood what beautiful pictures! You are such an amazing talent we feel so lucky to know you! Thank you for loving us!

  2. Debbie Powell says:

    Absolutely stunning!!

  3. Vanessa Chupp says:

    We shot a wedding last fall & they were the amazing florists! Fun to see some behind the scenes of them! 🙂

  4. Laura Davis says:

    Beautiful Tamara Lockwood! Thank you! We loved spending the afternoon with you. We are so lucky to know you and wish you all the best!

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