good vibes only

Laura and Aaron were pretty brave during this shoot.  It absolutely poured rain until we both pulled into the parking lot.  It continued to rain on and off.  When it wasn’t raining, we battled some epic winds.  AND it may or may not have been the most freezing cold day of the summer! BUT, Iam so happy with the beautiful images below.

Aaron is a bit of a magician.  He managed to get Laura this stunning ring from the jewellery store that she worked at full time without her having any idea.  She was so shocked when he asked the question, that she couldn’t actually answer, and he had to ask AGAIN!  Poor guy, haha.  But I am so happy Laura said yes.  You two are such a wonderful couple, and your fun love was evident within moments of meeting you.

Thank you so much Aaron and Laura for allowing me to capture this special time in your life!!  It was so much fun getting to work with you both and I look forward to working with you again!!


My favourites 🙂Best Photobomb everrrrr.


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