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After my first week spent with Meg, my girl Jackie came to meet me in Kauai for some more fun.  Each time we get together, we dream bigger, laugh harder, and love more.  It always amazes me how we can live thousands of miles apart, be be closer than ever when brought together.

Kauai_-12Kauai_-6Kauai_-7Kauai_-11Kauai_-17In 3 short days on the island, we hiked 44 kilometres all over the island.  We started with some time spent in Waimea, hiking the Ridge and then the Canyon Trail.  We thought the Canyon Trail led to this beautiful waterfall we saw in photos, but were a bit perplexed when we found ourselves at the end of the hikes standing on TOP of the waterfall. Hmm.  BUT, the view before the waterfall was unbelievable.  Imagine the Grand Canyon, but a deeper red, with a lot of green.  It was breathtaking.  We liked to think we were in Jurassic Park during that hike.  It was epic.  That was one day and 8 miles (17.6 km) of gruelling mudslides, and lots of uphill climbing.Kauai_-18Kauai_-25Kauai_-29Kauai_-31Kauai_-32Kauai_-33Kauai_-34Kauai_-37Kauai_-41Kauai_-42Kauai_-46Kauai_-50Kauai_-53Kauai_-55Kauai_-56

The next day, we took “a break” and walked all along the coast from Shipwreck’s Beach to Mahalapoo Beach which was 4 miles of the most beautiful coastline. THE COLOURS… *sigh* – it was so bright and vibrant and beautiful!!!  Kauai_-57Kauai_-58Kauai_-63Kauai_-65

BIGGEST tease EVER!  about 2 miles into the walk, we see a surfboard with Coconuts written on it!  If only there was a person there selling them…lol.
Kauai_-71Kauai_-73Kauai_-77Kauai_-79Kauai_-83Kauai_-84Kauai_-89Kauai_-92Thanks SO much for these fun photos Meg!!  <3 Kauai_-98Kauai_-99Oh, how I wish we lived closer.

Life is never dull with this chica.
Kauai_-106Kauai_-111Polihales… breathtaking.  This place has crazy waves, and stunning sunsets.  I wanted to sleep there… next time I will.Kauai_-117Kauai_-118Kauai_-125Kauai_-129

The next day, we woke up early to head back to the North Shore and do a little bit more of the Kalalau Trail!  This time we hiked to the first waterfall and a couple more miles into the trail. I can’t wait to go back and do the whole thing!  The weather here changes so frequently, that it was really cool to see how different every part of the hike looked! For example, this day was a bit less hazy… and LOOK at that water!!!

Our last sunset in Kauai was spent in Hanalei Bay…. I never wanted to leave… but since we clearly packed in every single second of out time there, we raced from our hike to our red eye flight to Los Angeles…. I felt sorry for the people sitting beside us on the flight, haha!Kauai_-141Kauai_-153

As much as we did during our short time in Kauai, there is SO much more to do.  On one of our several hikes, we started planning our next trip out to Kauai (this time, with the men in our lives).  There is still SO much to see and do.  The next trip will involve hiking the full 11 mile (one way) Kalalau Trail to Kalalau Beach, snorkeling,  surfing, more hikes that we couldn’t squeeze in, whale watching, more acai bowl eating and paddling.  I was not even lying when I said that this island is an adventurers wonderland.

I hope this blog channeled your inner wanderlust… xox!

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