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Well… I can hardly believe it, but this was my last wedding of 2013!!  Crazy eh?  I can’t believe 2013 is coming to a close, but there is so much more goodness to come in 2014!

The moment I met Katie and Chris, I knew that we were going to be good friends.  We had a ridiculous amount of fun at their engagement session, and that made me eagerly anticipate their wedding for the whole year.  Katie and Chris are both paramedics, and SO incredibly passionate about their work.  It is so inspiring and exciting to hear them speak about their careers in such a positive light!  It is so awesome to be able to share your work and passion with your life partner.

The day started bright and early with bridal yoga.  How awesome is this idea?  I thought it was fantastic, and such a great way to start the day. The guys went golfing, which you often hear of, but the ladies usually just wake up and start hair and make-up!  I lovved this private class just for them.  Wedding days fly by so quickly, it was nice to be able to really live in the moment, and start the day off nice and slow before all the fun chaos starts. After we went back to Katie’s house, and hair and make up began, my favourite moment happened.  Katie was talking about how she didn’t sleep very well because Chris wasn’t there.  Then, she started talking about Chris. She wasn’t talking to one person in particular.  “He is my comfort.  He is my person.  He is my best friend,” all said with her hand on her heart.   I was like okay Tamara, hold the tears, we aren’t even at the ceremony yet.  But after getting to know them as a couple, and hearing her say these words, it just made me realize how strong their bond was and how true their love is.  It was such a sweet, special moment, that even Chris’s mum talked about it in her touching speech later that evening.

Tamara Lockwood Photography-7Tamara Lockwood Photography-10Tamara Lockwood Photography-12Tamara Lockwood Photography-15Tamara Lockwood Photography-19This little guy was like my sidekick for the entire morning.  I wish ALL cats were like this one.  Tamara Lockwood Photography-28Tamara Lockwood Photography-29Tamara Lockwood Photography-33Tamara Lockwood Photography-36Tamara Lockwood Photography-38Tamara Lockwood Photography-40Tamara Lockwood Photography-3Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-5

Katie and Chris’s wedding was at the wonderful Hamilton Art Gallery, which was so beautiful and unique!  And their decor was so fun, and reflected Katie and Chris so well.Tamara Lockwood Photography-43Tamara Lockwood Photography-46Tamara Lockwood Photography-48Tamara Lockwood Photography-53Tamara Lockwood Photography-62

All happy tears 🙂Tamara Lockwood Photography-63Tamara Lockwood Photography-69Tamara Lockwood Photography-72Tamara Lockwood Photography-79Tamara Lockwood Photography-82Tamara Lockwood Photography-84Tamara Lockwood Photography-85Tamara Lockwood Photography-89

I will be honest.  The day was far from dry…it actually poured rain almost the whole day!  BUT, we were still able to get outside and get some beautiful photos.Tamara Lockwood Photography-96Tamara Lockwood Photography-99Tamara Lockwood Photography-101Tamara Lockwood Photography-102Tamara Lockwood Photography-108Tamara Lockwood Photography-110Tamara Lockwood Photography-111

I loved this moment!Tamara Lockwood Photography-113

Tamara Lockwood Photography-9Tamara Lockwood Photography-114Tamara Lockwood Photography-117Tamara Lockwood Photography-121Tamara Lockwood Photography-126Tamara Lockwood Photography-128Tamara Lockwood Photography-132Tamara Lockwood Photography-138Tamara Lockwood Photography-141Tamara Lockwood Photography-147Tamara Lockwood Photography-153Tamara Lockwood Photography-155Tamara Lockwood Photography-160Tamara Lockwood Photography-168

So these two have a very serious love of Diet Coke.  I was pretty excited to see the oldschool bottles!Tamara Lockwood Photography-173Tamara Lockwood Photography-176Tamara Lockwood Photography-189Tamara Lockwood Photography-196Tamara Lockwood Photography-200

THE RAIN FINALLY STOPPED!!!  We took that opportunity to go back outside and capture these romantic images.Tamara Lockwood Photography-206Tamara Lockwood Photography-210Tamara Lockwood Photography-219Tamara Lockwood Photography-222Tamara Lockwood Photography-223Tamara Lockwood Photography-225Tamara Lockwood Photography-228Tamara Lockwood Photography-231Tamara Lockwood Photography-233Tamara Lockwood Photography-236Tamara Lockwood Photography-241Tamara Lockwood Photography-246Tamara Lockwood Photography-250Tamara Lockwood Photography-254Tamara Lockwood Photography-11

Katie and Chris, I have a deep love for the two of you.  As I write this post, I realize that I miss you both already, and I really hope that we can get together soon!! I had SO much fun getting to know you both, and becoming friends.  Thank you for inviting me into your world to capture some of the most special moments of your life.  I have nothing but love and gratitude to give!! Wishing you endless love, giggles, and bear hugs.





PS.  I would love to know what you think of this shoot!  Comments are welcomed! 🙂

  1. Leslie Hunter-Pleshcan says:

    Tamara; we have never met but I loved the pictures you took of a friends wedding last year…. and liked you page; so I get to see all your work; I LOVE looking at your photos… they are all truly BEAUTIFUL and so artistic… you are Very Gifted… Cheers

  2. Becky Parker says:

    Tamara these photos look soooo AMAZING! The shots outside in the evening are beyond beautiful!!! Looking forward to February 🙂

  3. Rick Laferriere says:

    The shoot you did for us was wonderful ! Thank you so much Tamara

  4. Amanda Miller says:

    Tamara!!! That car kiss! Those nighttime shots! Just beautiful!!!

  5. Christine Hughson says:

    These pictures are stunning! You captured every special moment of Katie and Chris’s beautiful day!

  6. Vanessa Davis says:

    Beautiful pictures Tamara!

  7. […] In October, I got the privilege to shoot for Tamara again and as always, it didn’t disappoint! I always love this opportunity of working with a talented photographer and observed how she worked during the day. Here are some of my images of Katie and Chris’ elegant wedding in the Art Gallery of Hamilton. I started the day with the guys in Sheraton Hotel across the street. Also, be sure to check Tamara’s perspective of the day here. […]

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