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Kate and Nate… my goodness. This wedding was seriously amazing in every single way.

I have to be honest, at any wedding I have ever photographed, I have never thought the highlight of the day was the ceremony. At Kate and Nate’s wedding, the highlight of the whole day was the ceremony… hands down. Nate’s brother was the officiant for what was the funniest, most heartfelt and honest ceremony I have EVER witnessed. For a couple who value family SO much, they had their grandmothers sign as their witnesses. Afterwards, they shared their first kiss, their friend started playing some awesome music, they threw their hands up in the air and SKIPPED down the aisle with the most enormous smiles plastered on their faces. Their energy was SO contagious, that their entire wedding party following suit. They all congregated beside the tent jumping up and down. Kate kept saying, “Oh my god, that was SO fun, that was SO, SO fun!!!” Everyone continued hugging and jumping up and down. At one point, I was jumping up and down with them! You actually couldn’t help but feel that energy and follow suit.

The whole day was so perfectly them, down to every last detail. Kate’s vintage Nine West shoes were a whopping 50 cents at a thrift store in Haida Gwaii (COME ON). Every single vintage plate and decoration was perfectly placed to make this tented backyard wedding completely one of a kind. It was so much fun to photograph the special moments, beautiful people, and stunning details all day long. Let’s do it again!!! Love you guys!

Vendor Love:

Coordinator | The bride and all of her lovely bridesmaids and family!

Venue | Childhood Home!

Dress | Loversland (***)

Kate & Nate WeddingKate & Nate Wedding-140Kate & Nate Wedding-136

Kate & Nate Wedding-11

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This look…. Kate, you looked so stunning!!

K+N-98K+N-100Kate & Nate Wedding-975


K+N-106K+N-112K+N-113K+N-116K+N-131K+N-133K+N-136Kate & Nate Wedding-663K+N-141K+N-142K+N-144Kate & Nate Wedding-666


K+N-154Kate & Nate Wedding-752K+N-157

I heart these two 🙂




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