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It was a crisp winter day, but the sun was shining.  Family had come from far and wide… delayed airplanes, re-routing, and chaos preceded the big day… but it was finally here, and it was perfect.  Friends and family gathered to support Johanna and Saadat on their wedding, and ensured that every detail was just perfect.  And it really was just perfect.  The colours, the intricate details and all of the wonderful people… I feel so lucky to have been able to capture these moments for Johanna and Saadat!!  Enjoy 🙂

Johanna & Saadat TLP-4

Johanna & Saadat TLP-3Johanna & Saadat TLP-8Johanna & Saadat TLP-11Johanna & Saadat TLP-13Johanna & Saadat TLP-15Seriously…. this ring is amazing.  It is so unique!Johanna & Saadat TLP-18Johanna & Saadat TLP-19Johanna & Saadat TLP-28Johanna & Saadat TLP-32
Johanna & Saadat TLP-33Johanna & Saadat TLP-35

Johanna & Saadat TLP-36


Johanna & Saadat TLP-37


Johanna & Saadat TLP-39

Johanna & Saadat TLP-41Johanna & Saadat TLP-44Johanna & Saadat TLP-22

The final touches!  Saris are NOT easy to put on!!  But they are so beautiful in the end 🙂

Johanna & Saadat TLP-47Johanna & Saadat TLP-49Johanna & Saadat TLP-55Johanna & Saadat TLP-57Johanna & Saadat TLP-59SG6A0004SG6A0049SG6A0050

Andrea singing her heart out with the band while Johanna and Saadat changed into outfit #2 🙂

Johanna & Saadat TLP-91Johanna & Saadat TLP-92Johanna & Saadat TLP-97Johanna & Saadat TLP-96Johanna & Saadat TLP-100Johanna & Saadat TLP-104Johanna & Saadat TLP-107Johanna & Saadat TLP-112Johanna & Saadat TLP-113Johanna & Saadat TLP-116Johanna & Saadat TLP-118Johanna & Saadat TLP-121Johanna & Saadat TLP-124Johanna & Saadat TLP-127Johanna & Saadat TLP-109

Thank you for sharing these moments with me!!

So much love for you both!!! <3

  1. Caroline Bennett says:

    Amazing job as usual T 🙂 xo

  2. Leah Costa says:


  3. Jon Garcia says:

    Amazing photos Tamara! You took a photo of my 4 yo daughter at Saadat’s wedding, we we’re sitting in the front corner table, any chance you could send one my way??

  4. Nicole Wildeboer says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos!!! Johanna, you bring tears to my eyes just how beautiful you are!!! AMAZING!!!

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