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I am SO excited to introduce to the blog today, Jenn and Chris! I flew to St. John’s Newfoundland back in July, to photograph this very special day.  It was awesome, from start to finish.

It is always exciting to shoot in a new location.  It is even more exciting to shoot in a new province!  I had never been out east before, and was so overwhelmed with how gorgeous it was!  SO many bright colours everywhere.  Bright houses, bright walls, bruight buildings and bright flowers = happy me!  We made use of all of those things on this wedding.

Jenn also told me that she was having a reception “Under the planets.” One would think this would mean outside?  Nope.  Their wedding was at the Geo centre,  which actually has an exhibit of all the planets!  This made some some beautiffffful first dance photos!  I loved it 🙂

Jenn and Chris were actually made for eachother.  All you have to do is watch the two of them together to see how much they really are eachother’s “other half.” They joke, they laugh, they bug eachother, like any couple… then throw in their precious little boy Benjamin, and they both melt for him.  That little boy sure gets a lot of love.  Jenn and Chris are a beautiful couple, and wonderful parents. Working with them has been an absolute JOY since I did their maternity photos last year.  I look forward to capturing more of their special moments in the years to come 🙂

Love you guys!!   Wishing you all the very best! xox


“Screeching In refers to the custom in which the person is to drink a shot of screech, kiss a codfish on the mouth, and answer the question “Is ye an honorary Newfoundlander?” with the phrase “‘deed I is me ol’ cock, and long may your big jib draw.” The process also involves a lot of singing of traditional Newfoundland songs. Upon completion of all of these tasks, all of the out-of-towner’s received an official ‘Screecher’ certificate. More importantly, they were able to achieve the status of an “honorary Newfoundlander.”  I thought it was SO cool how Jenn and Chris included this in their wedding!  It was SO much fun for everyone there, especially because a lot of people were not from there.  I didn’t get screeched in at the wedding, but they made sure it happened at a later date, before I left St. John’s.

  1. Emilia Schobeiri says:

    What a CUTE couple! I love the ones with the city in the background.

  2. Karen Fleming says:

    Tamara I say it over and over… are soooo talented! Great pictures 🙂

  3. Katie McIlmoyle says:

    So amazing! Just beautiful Tamara!

  4. Vanessa Anne says:

    wow t – you absolutely knocked this one out of the park. amazing work, as always! xox

  5. Chantal Beaver says:

    Tamara – you are THEY most talented photographer.

  6. Johanna Marie says:

    oh my! these are all soooo beautiful:0 xx.

  7. Erin Murphy says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Great Job!

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