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This was my very first Serbian wedding, and oh my goodness, it was crazzzzzy!  I loved the entire day, which was rich in tradition, full of singing, dancing, drinking and partying.  This all started at 11 am when the groom (and everyone who attended the wedding) came to the brides house to buy the bride!  While the groom bargained, everyone danced on the street, there were accordions being played,  shots being poured, guns firing in the air, flags being waved and everyone was dancing.  It was amazing!  And it wasn’t even NOON yet!

The ceremony was at a beautiful church, and it was my first wedding entirely in a different language.  It was really beautiful to watch, and so incredibly different than any ceremony I have ever seen.

After an epic photo session at the beautiful Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, with a huge wedding party seriously ready to get their party on, the party hadn’t even begun!  We arrived at the reception to be greeted with, yes, more shots, a stunning reception room, live band and WAY more dancing.  This wedding really blew my mind.  I can’t even believe that every Serbian wedding is like this!  I am lucky enough to be photographing another Serbian wedding (Ivona’s cousin) in the fall! 🙂

Enjoy!!! xoxo


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