good vibes only

To say that I am absolutely smitten with this session, and this couple, would be a very large understatement!

Irene is a fellow nurse, who heard about me from some other colleagues I have worked with.  We never even met until the day of their engagement session, but all I can say, is that I am SO happy we did meet.  These two high school sweethearts captured my heart right away.  Irene just giggles at absolutely anything Ray says or does, and Ray can’t help but laugh when she does.  It is a perfect combination!  I couldn’t stop smiling for the entire night after I left the two of them.  These two truly have an exciting time ahead, and I couldn’t be more excited for them!!

Irene and Ray, it was SUCH a pleasure getting to photograph your engagement session!  Thanks for all the laughs and the awesome night!


Irene & Ray TLP-3Irene & Ray TLP-5Irene & Ray TLP-14Irene & Ray TLP-16Irene & Ray TLP-28Irene & Ray TLP-44Irene & Ray TLP-49Irene & Ray TLP-68Irene & Ray TLP-69Irene & Ray TLP-77Irene & Ray TLP-83Irene & Ray TLP-90Irene & Ray TLP-92Irene & Ray TLP-99Irene & Ray TLP-102Irene & Ray TLP-113Irene & Ray TLP-119Irene & Ray TLP-121Irene & Ray TLP-127Irene & Ray TLP-132Irene & Ray TLP-133Ahhh you two are the cutest!!! 🙂Irene & Ray TLP-140Irene & Ray TLP-145Irene & Ray TLP-150Just in love with these photos….Irene & Ray TLP-155Irene & Ray TLP-164Irene & Ray TLP-167Irene & Ray TLP-172Irene & Ray TLP-185Irene & Ray TLP-190Irene & Ray TLP-203Irene & Ray TLP-213

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