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Happy Boxing Day everyone!

I hope that everyone has had a phenomenal Christmas!  I hope you all spent tons of time with friends and family, and ate lots of turkey and cookies.  I know I did, and it was amazing.

Right before all the Christmas fun though, we had a pretty epic Ice Storm.  We had plans for a Christmas dinner at Brent’s aunts house on Sunday night, and we were super disappointed when it was cancelled due to power outages and terrible roads!  We were bummed out, and dreaded the roads, but we had to pick up some concert tickets that were for my sisters Christmas present!  So we scraped all the ice off the car and made our way across town.  When we got there, I was AMAZED at how beautiful all of the ice looks dripping from the trees, and well everything actually.  I can honestly say, that it was the first time in a long time that this summer girl actually thought winter was beautiful.  It really was a winter wonderland.  We ended up getting a delicious latte from a new cafe we had never been to before, and walked all around an area of town we really weren’t too familiar with.  I can’t believe how much fun it is photographing icicles.  Seriously… we did this until it was dark, and it was  a blast.  We went from being super bummed about our plans being cancelled, to making the most of the day and having a lot of fun.

Happy Thursday to you all!!  This is a reminder to make the most of every day, even the smallest things can be a blast 🙂  Savour the moment!! xoxox

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Lockwood Road?!?!?! Whattttt!  We had to stop 😉


Happy Boxing Day!!! <3


  1. Nina Elizabeth says:

    Gorgeous pictures as always!

  2. Jaime Kroez says:

    I have been wanting to get out and take photos of the ice but I’ve been working too much! As always, stunning photographs Tamara!

  3. Hoàng Minh Diễn says:

    It’s beautiful indeed!!!

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