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Alo alo!!

I can’t believe I have not shared this yet!  This is a neat little change to the business recenetly, that I really think you all will love!

DVD’s have proved to have some issues. They scratch easily, they fall out of the case, they break, and they can be a bit of a hastle.  One day at work , one of  my friends was eager to show me some of her wedding photos.  She pulled a USB key off of her key chain and popped it into the computer, and it was THAT easy!!  No scratches, easy to carry around, small and functional.  I like all of those characteristics… so I needed to have them for my clients.   Currently these are being used for all wedding clients, but they are also optional for family/newborn/maternity photos for a small additional fee.

Here is a little peek at the new product!  Thank you Flashbay ( for being amazing to work with! 🙂


Happy Wednesday! 🙂



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