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Good Morning, and Happy Thursday to you all!

Erin and Will met at The University of Western Ontario.  Well… they actually met during a social event with a group at UWO.  Erin is a nurse andWill is an Engineer. Let’s be serious, so many universities set nurses and engineers up at formals and other events.  So immediately, everyone knew it was meant to be!

These two ADORE each other.  It was so easy to work with them, because they just look at each other with pure adoration all the time.  They laugh a ton, and love each other a lot…  I am so excited to see what is in store for this incredible couple!  They already got a Great Dane Puppy!!  SO exciting!

Congrats Erin & Will!  Wishing you love and happiness always!



  1. Claudia Kehoe says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning!

  2. Sharon Macsai says:

    Here it is almost a year later and I just saw the wedding pictures. Just gorgeous! the photographer did an amazing job, beautiful settings and of course, a beautiful couple.

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