good vibes only

Last year, I heard about the Christmas market in the Distillery.  Brent and I were eager to check it out, so one night, we bundled up and excitedly headed over!  When we arrived, we realized that we missed it by one day. ONE DAY. That was the first time Brent saw me cry. Lol, I really love Christmas okay?  I was uber bummed.

SO this year, there was NO way we were missing it!  My dear friend Fiona is in town, and she loved Christmas equally as much as myself, so we waited for her to join in the fun.  It was a blassst!  That night, I learned what “Mulled Wine” is.  It is pure delicious-ness, is what it is.  Warm red wine with spices… around a fire, with my favourite people… yep, the best 🙂


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