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Back in September I had an opportunity to go to Chatham to meet my friend Meg of Meg Courtney Photography to second shoot.  Meg is based out of BC, and we always get to see each other at photography conventions, so I jumped on the opportunity to see her, and to work together! I am so pumped to share these photos.  I don’t second shoot very often, as my own schedule is pretty jam packed.  I do think that second shooting is a fabulous way to force a photographer to see things differently.  I absolutely loved the challenge.  I didn’t stand in any of my regular spots, I was forced to use other lenses that I don’t use as often, and I actually saw things in a different way, and I loved the result!

It was such a beautiful wedding.  It looked like a massive storm might threaten our photo time, but it passed right over and we were able to get so many beautiful photos outside. I can honestly say, the moment I walked into the reception, it took my breath away.  Every. Single. Detail.   It was the most beautiful, magical, perfect setting I have ever seen.  I absolutely loved all of the candles, lanterns and flowers, and the exposed brick in The Armouries was stunning. You will have to keep scrolling to see the crazy amount of photos that just had to be on the blog!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-9Tamara Lockwood Photography-11Tamara Lockwood Photography-14Tamara Lockwood Photography-23Tamara Lockwood Photography-21Tamara Lockwood Photography-22Tamara Lockwood Photography-33Tamara Lockwood Photography-36Tamara Lockwood Photography-38Tamara Lockwood Photography-30Tamara Lockwood PhotographyTamara Lockwood Photography-6Tamara Lockwood Photography-18

Such a beautiful idea for an outdoor ceremony!Tamara Lockwood Photography-41Tamara Lockwood Photography-44Tamara Lockwood Photography-45Tamara Lockwood Photography-47Tamara Lockwood Photography-48Tamara Lockwood Photography-51Tamara Lockwood Photography-53

These girls are actually THE CUTEST. EVER.Tamara Lockwood Photography-55Tamara Lockwood Photography-57Tamara Lockwood Photography-60Tamara Lockwood Photography-64Tamara Lockwood Photography-67

Stunning ladies, with unreal dresses!!Tamara Lockwood Photography-70Tamara Lockwood Photography-69Tamara Lockwood Photography-72Tamara Lockwood Photography-75Tamara Lockwood Photography-80

Then a quick light test turned into this gorgeous photo of Meg!!Tamara Lockwood Photography-79Tamara Lockwood Photography-81Tamara Lockwood Photography-88Tamara Lockwood Photography-90

I absolutely love the next two!Tamara Lockwood Photography-92

We may or may not have begged the bus to turn around so we could do this…Tamara Lockwood Photography-95I think it was worth it! Tamara Lockwood Photography-100

Okay… and now… the reception of my dreams. For real 🙂
Tamara Lockwood Photography-103Tamara Lockwood Photography-106Tamara Lockwood Photography-109Tamara Lockwood Photography-115Tamara Lockwood Photography-119

The sun just shone in perfectly 🙂Tamara Lockwood Photography-123Tamara Lockwood Photography-127Tamara Lockwood Photography-131Tamara Lockwood Photography-134Tamara Lockwood Photography-142Tamara Lockwood Photography-143Tamara Lockwood Photography-144Tamara Lockwood Photography-146

This is by far my favourite kissing game of all time.  And these were my favourite kisses of all time!  Tamara Lockwood Photography-149Tamara Lockwood Photography-156Tamara Lockwood Photography-159Tamara Lockwood Photography-162

If you liked these photos of Cec & Ry’s Wedding, you can check out Meg’s blog of this wedding here!  You won’t regret it 🙂

Cec & Ry, thank you so much for welcoming me with open arms on your wedding day.  It was SO incredibly beautiful, and I had SO much fun working with you two.

MEG, it is always fun hanging out with you.  Thanks so much for asking me to come along for this wedding! We always have a ton of giggles, sometimes we rap, and I never want to leave.  I love your contagious energy, and I can wait to be re-united in February in California for more adventures!

Tamara Lockwood Photography-1321294309_650446904989730_193316006_o

Much love!!




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