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I promise that the time I have been spending not blogging has not been wasted… the new website is ALMOST complete!!!  So excited to be blogging on a new and beautiful blog, and finally to share what I have been pouring my heart and soul into over the past few months!!  Until then…. let’s talk about Cat and Ian 🙂

These are two people who are quite perfect for one another.  I just love how Ian is this calming force to Cat.  You can just tell how he puts her at ease just by physically being present. Cat and Ian were so good at personalizing their wedding day.  Since Cat’s mum passed away in 1998, she was determined to keep her memory alive at her wedding.  Before her mum passed, she started working on a quilt for Cat, that she was never able to finish. Ian’s mother is a sweet angel, who took this quilt and finished it for Cat, and put a beautiful note on the inside of it (insert goosebumps here… seriously, this is just the nicest thing she could have ever done).  That quilt had its own place in the front row on the wedding, signifying the presence of her mother.  That is just the kind of people Cat and Ian and their families are… kind and thoughtful.

Let’s just talk about this venue for a moment…. it was seriously beautiful!!!  I think the part I loved the most, was that it was all theirs.  They had the entire house and property to themselves, which was pretty unreal, considering soooo many beautiful venues out there are host to several weddings in one day.  When I arrived that morning, Ian was about to jump in the pool before showering to get ready for the day…. you get my vibe right now?  It is so cool that it even has a POOL!!!  I cannot wait to photograph here again, I know this venue is going to explode in no time.

It was an honour to make these memories for you both, and I am so excited to share these images with you!!

Be sure to check out the amazing vendors at the bottom of the post 🙂

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And thats a wrap… let’s show Cat and Ian some love below!!!




Vendor Love:

Venue | Roseville Estate

Dress | Taylor’s Bridal Boutique, Britannia – by Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaid Dresses | Kennedy Blue

Menswear | Moores

Officiant | Jim Giles from Enduring Promises Inc.

Make-Up | Gloss Make-up Artistry & Laura Griffon

Hair | Chrissy Gimby  from Capri Salon

Florals |Special Events and Flowers

Cake | The Cake Box

DJ | ) Thunderstorm Productions

  1. Tiffany Casalinuovo-Braddon says:

    Gorgeous pic!! Once again you have done an amazing job Tamara!!

  2. Joanna Cowley says:

    T you never cease to amaze me! You captured the beauty of Cat & Ian’s day so perfectly! Xoxo

  3. Desirée Serruys-van Hoeckel says:

    SO beautiful! A beautiful day for two beautiful people. Amazing pictures!

  4. Jen Eldridge says:

    Just beautiful!!! Everything, was beautifully selected and beautifully captured 🙂

  5. Tina McCauley says:

    Beautiful! Amazing as always Tamara! Congrats Cat and Ian!

  6. Valeri Scott says:

    You captured so many precious moments of Ian and Cat’s day. As Ian’s Mother, a few of the pictures brought tears to my eyes. The pictures are beautiful! Tamara, you did an amazing job!

  7. Nancy Verberne says:

    Absolutely Beautiful!!! What a keepsake of a wonderful day.

  8. Brenda Mason says:

    Oh Val – these are gorgeous – just gorgeous – well done you!!

  9. Lisa Smith says:

    Goregous pics Tamara! What a beautiful wedding, congratulations Ian & Cat 🙂

  10. Joyce Reid says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations Valeri and Alec…looks like a wonderful day.

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