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How is it already 2017??!?!?  I am not sure how 2016 flew by so quickly, but what a year it was.   I always find is so challenging to find the words to express my sincere gratitude to all of the incredible couples who put their whole trust in me to capture their wedding day.  As we begin to plan our own wedding, the meaning of this has hit home on a new level.  It is such an honour when people welcome me into their lives, open up to me, and show vulnerability in front of my camera.  It is what makes me love this job so damn much, and what inspires me to no end.  It gives me purpose, to capture your love, and give you tangible memories to hold onto forever.  It has been an incredible year both personally, and professionally… but this post is just about my amazing couples <3

These images are some of my favs from 2016.  I tended to pic my favourite portraits, as there were just too many moments to choose from, and it was getting out of control!  I just wanted to share a collage of my favourites for now… but as I wrap up all my edits and get back to the blog, you will get to see some of these weddings in full.

Toronto, Niagara, Barrie, Ottawa,  Muskoka, British Columbia, Cuba, Dominican Republic and beyond… Thank you for filling my heart with happiness, making me laugh and cry, satisfying my wanderlust and adventuring with me <3 I couldn’t ask for more.

I can’t believe this all happened in 2016 !!! THANK YOU!!!!  And I cannot wait to see what is in store for 2017!

One of the last photos of the session… and one of my all-time favs….

These two incredible women (and friends), have shown me love on a new level… one of the highlights of my year…

I encouraged the top left couple (Amanda & Jason) to take a little break and chill in a hammock during their hot destination wedding… I’d say they embraced it?

Puppies… walking along the ocean, dancing in fields, hiking in forests, spinning on mountain tops… how do I get to do this for a living?!

The same couple… same session… engagement sessions should reflect you and the things you love… this session was so special!

Kay, but, those trees! And that light!!!  WHAT. on EARTH?!



He just had to be included…. hahaha… seriously, how CUTE is he?!?!?! I love him so damn much.

I just love all the massive smiles in the collage above!!! SO. MUCH. HAPPINESS!!!!!

I don’t photograph many newborns these days (unless I have photographed your wedding), and Katie (above) happened to be one of my 2015 brides. This is my fav newborn portrait of all time.  I had to share <3

Above…. seriously…. This whole experience had me on a crazy high for days after!

Everything aligned perfectly for this shot….

These colours… and these couples!!! GAH!!!!!

Yep… my fav wedding cake of all time made the best of 2016…. that is how amazing @brumbandberry is 🙂

Track pants, coffee, morning hang outs…. this at-home session had my heart.  Guys, engagement sessions can be whatever you want them to be… if your favourite thing to do is hang out at home, cuddled on the couch, enjoying eachothers company… let’s capture that goodness!!!

Too many favs…. so many stories!!!


<3 <3 <3 Thank you.

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    Absolutely stunning!

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