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Good Morning!!

Today is a day for some baby love!!  This one is especially close to my heart, as I just photographed Abby and Jeff’s wedding last September!  I also work with Abby at the hospital, so seeing her whole progression throughout her pregnancy, right up until the point that I got to meet her sweet baby girl, it was just so special!

A big thank you to all the nurses who contributed to this shoot as a gift for Abby’s shower… I hope you all love the photos!

Happy Tuesday!



Let’s start with the many faces of Audrey… haha… this is the first time I did this and it just cracked me up!!  So many expressions!


Lets show this fam jam some love!! xox


Headbands and newborn wraps from

  1. Natalie Krikorian Botica says:

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!!!

  2. Sara Dean Belot says:

    So sweet!

  3. Imee Faminial says:


  4. Imee Faminial says:

    So precious !

  5. Wendy Osborne says:

    very nice… precious moment…

  6. Katie McIlmoyle says:

    Just perfect!

  7. Lisa Ongcangco Coles says:

    Love, Love, LOVE them all!!!

  8. Janey Kim says:

    So beautiful!

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