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I have been counting down the days to this wedding for a ridiculously long time now it feels like.  I loved these two from the moment I met them!  For the first time too, the groom was my main point of contact!  I just love how involved Anthony was in the whole wedding process.  He was all over every detail, trying to ensure that the day would be just perfect.  It was such a different experience, since 99% of the time, I am often in contact more with the bride!  Grooms, don’t be shy, this stuff is really fun 🙂

These two have such a fun energy that I loved getting to see.  They don’t take life too seriously, but they seriously love one another, and that is just the best.  When it got too cold out for photos, they did what they would do on any regular weekend, they decided they should warm up internally, and go into the bar close by for some beverages and stop for a bit to just take in the day with their wedding party.  Ummmm… this is just the best ever??  The bar was so happy to have them there, that they gave them gifts for their wedding…. this is just something you don’t see everyday.

Anthony and Kristina have a lot of history at Steamwhistle.  Dates, the spot where they got engaged and now their wedding!  So many sentimental moments, it was only fitting that they be married there.  During the reception, we snuck away for a little bit to go into the more hidden areas to capture some photos of them in the spot where they were engaged.  It was so special for them to take this time together!  I felt like they were so good at enjoying the moment and taking in their wedding day with each other and all their friends and family – yet another reason I adore them 🙂

Anthony and Kristina, it was such a pleasure documenting your love story.  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two lovebirds!!

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Vendor Love:

Venue | Steamwhistle

Forals | Growers Flower Market

Hair & Make -up |Fancy Face Inc

Dress |  Kleinfield New York

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal

Menswear | Freeman Formal Groomsmen Tuxedos

Grooms Suit | Soren Custom

DJ |  Dj Lexx

  1. Wayne Allicock says:

    Wow … Tamara you did a fantastic job !!!

  2. Sarah MacEwen says:


  3. Linda Allicock says:

    I agree…photos are beautiful. You captured their special day perfectly!

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