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It is that time of year, where I talk about goals.  I have been really thinking and reflecting on the last year, and all of its amazing, crazy, fun and wonderful times, as well as some lower stressful times, and what i need to do more and do less.  Goals are SUPER important in my life.  They help me to focus. I think about them until I achieve them.   Having specific goals is key, and putting them out there for anyone to read on my blog, makes me WAY more accountable 🙂

Looking back at my blog post from 2013 Goals, I am happy to say that I was able to check quite a lot off the list!  Some of the accomplishments that I am really proud of include:  Hosting my first ever Mini-Sessions (not going to be the last), mentoring new photographers, reading more, and working on my First Styled shoot.  I am happy with what I was able to accomplish, but there are bigger and better things in store for 2014!

This year I want to….

Cuddle more, stress less.

Laugh more, worry less.

Date nights more often, screen time less often.

More organization, less mess.

Run more, sit less.

More going on adventures, less talking about going on adventures.

More spontaneity, less planning.

More sleep, less puffy dark circles under my eyes.

More understanding, less ignorance.

More cooking, less pinning yummy looking recipes that I never get around to cooking.

More reading, less TV.

More saving, less spending (unless its on travel or new lenses… those are the big exceptions 😉 )

I want to work hard, live simply, be original, dream big, inspire more, and be inspired everyday. Bring it 2014 🙂

Okay…More specifically….

– Book more Destination Weddings ( which means do more to attract destination couples)

– Organization.  I am ancient in my ways with my written calendar, and handwritten checklists.  It has worked for me, but there are SO many amazing tools available now, that I really need to try hard to make my workflow more efficient.  Currently considering Pixifi!

– Organize Gmail. Meg Courtney… I need your help here, you rock at this!

– Hire one of the many amazing photographers I know, to get a couples session with Brent!  We have never had a professional photo taken together, and I would SO love to make that happen!  This year will be the year.  We are planning a trip to Chicago, so all you Chicago friends… I am thinking of you 🙂

– Family Mini-Sessions in SPRING and FALL

– MORE boudoir Mini-Sessions… Bachelorette parties anyone?  This was such a fun thing this year!

– Another styled shoot with Shea from the fabulous Bliss Events

– Start to include applying for blog publications in my post wedding workflow.

– OUTSOURCE editing.  It has to happen. It willlll happen. I will find someone… I think I can, I think I can.  Suggestions are more than welcome here!!! 🙂

– More date nights…. I love date nights.

Happy 2014 everyone…. this year WILL be amazing. Dream BIG!!


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