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 I don’t even know where to start with this post… I just had the MOST fun at this wedding, working with the absolute best couple, and I feel speechless! I guess I will start with how grateful I am that I got to be there to capture Steph and Kyle’s amazing wedding day, it really was such a special experience, that I will never forget.  I know they won’t! 🙂

Steph and Kyle have been together for a lonnnnng time.  In that time, they have traveled the world and made SOOO many amazing stories.  The speeches at their wedding were stocked full of  their hilarious shenanigans, and I could still listen to them talk about their adventures all day long.  They are free-spirited, caring people, who love eachother fiercely. They are exactly the kind of couple that I adore working with, each and every moment. After spending so much time with their friends and family, it is no wonder they are the wonderful people that they are, they are surrounded by so much love and wonderful people.

The wedding party – you guys were the best.  So easy going and so much fun to work with.  I had a blast with all of you!! Rondo, thank you for making me laugh with your hilarious facial expressions non stop all day and then also while editing!

I decided that destination weddings are the best, here is why:  Not only do you get to spend your wedding day with all of the people you love most in the world, but you get to spend the days leading up to and after your wedding all together as well!  SO awesome. No one has anywhere else to be but spending time together and having fun. What could be better than that?!

I need more Steph’s and Kyle’s in my life!  At least we are all playing on the same beach volleyball team this summer! 🙂

Enjoy these images from what was the most wonderful of days!!

SG6A2594SG6A2558SG6A2608SG6A2615SG6A2675SG6A2743SG6A2795SG6A2809SG6A2867SG6A2889SG6A2933_E0A1468_E0A1515_E0A1525_E0A1633_E0A1663_E0A1670_E0A1689SG6A2953SG6A2961SG6A2971SG6A2998SG6A3002SG6A3029SG6A3105SG6A3113SG6A3203_E0A1828SG6A3232SG6A3240SG6A3250SG6A3264SG6A3287SG6A3319_E0A1999SG6A3529SG6A3647SG6A3699SG6A3717SG6A3728SG6A3754-2SG6A3772SG6A3786The kind of wedding party that you knowwww will do anything, no matter what they are wearing 🙂  I love it!SG6A3790SG6A3795And now time for a little break to celebrate the newlyweds!SG6A3860SG6A3869SG6A3878_E0A2276SG6A3885SG6A3897SG6A3901One of my favs!SG6A3931SG6A3947And then this happened (several times, by the same individual). Only in Mexico… HahaSG6A3957SG6A3963SG6A3986SG6A4002SG6A4014_E0A2355SG6A4022SG6A4029SG6A4062SG6A4093SG6A4171SG6A4190SG6A4280SG6A4291SG6A4408SG6A4542
And then there were THESE TWO.   So I could not help but stare and admire how sweet these two were together – dancing, hugging and just being extra cute.  So much so, that I went up to them and said “All I can say, is that I hope that I am still as madly in love as you two are when I am your age!”  Grandma giggled and told me, “Oh my dear, we just met yesterday!”  At that moment, I thought she was joking.  I thought there was no way that would be possible!!   Sure enough, the next day in the pool. I found out that they only met about 24 hours prior to the wedding.  True story!

SG6A4688_E0A2496SG6A4572SG6A4603SG6A4622SG6A4680SG6A4749SG6A4886-2Love this last shot from Janna!! 🙂_E0A2739

A huge thank you to Janna, my amazing second hand gal, who flew to Mexico with me to capture these memories for such a special couple!

If you liked the images from this post, you will LOVE the images from Steph & Kyle’s Day After Session!  Check back next Tuesday for that post 🙂  This might be one of my favourites… ever… Yep!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Let’s show these two some love in the comment box below!!



  1. Kaihla Stupka

    June 10th, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    GORGEOUS work girl!!! What a stunning wedding <3

  2. Robyn Lynn Johnson

    June 10th, 2014 at 8:34 pm


    You did a great job ,l love them

    u did a great job ,Love Love them

  3. Robyn Lynn Johnson

    June 11th, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Tamara ,You did a great job,l love your work .

  4. Stephanie Barton

    June 12th, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    AHHHHHH I’m so overwhelmed and blown away with these photos!!! You truly are one of the most talented and hardworking individuals I have ever met, and could not have picked a better person to capture our wedding day!!!!!!! You captured the very essence of everything that was important to us that day-the smiles, the fun, the romance….EVERYTHING!!!! We will love and cherish these memories for a lifetime!!!!! xoxoxoxxox

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