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THIS wedding… oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin.  I truly cannot say enough about every.single.detail of this day, so bare with me… this will certainly be a long (but great) one.

Nine and Trevor are one of those couples that just radiate JOY… pure JOY.  You cannot help but smile SO big when you are around them.  It is completely contagious.  Their energy together makes mine even bigger!

So after an amazing morning with these two, we headed over to Honsberger Estate.  This venue you guys… it was an absolute DREAM. (Note: Future couples in search of a perfect venue… check this place out.)  Rain was looming that day, but for some reason, it didn’t even matter in the slightest.  The energy was so bright that no rain would bring it down.  I walked in to find my absolute dream wedding.  I don’t know if I could have desbribed in detail what that would be (other than it would include the love of my life, and many, many succulents). Well this one had many, many succulents.  But Nina is the queen of DIY, and she just knocked this out of the park.  Family and friends helped her to build certain aspects, Trevor made the amazing sauce that guests walked away with and their wedding planner Krista was unbelievably amazing.  Not only was it beautiful in every.single.detail… but it was so personal and SO them.  It was a dream to photograph this day. I felt like a kid in a candy store, running from photo opp to photo opp trying to not miss a second of this day.

The vendors who made this day possible just blew me away.  I am so happy I got to work with these incredible individuals, and I already look forward to the next time we meet!

Outside In Studio… you were a dream to work with…. I have been really excited to work with you guys, and I am already looking forward to the next time.  You were amazing!

Krista… wedding planner extraordinaire. GIRL! You are incredible!  I absolutely loved working with you!

Liquid Entertainment (Patrick), you rocked my friend!  You really know how to get the party started and keep it going!

Nina and Trevor… it was such a joy to work with you two. I cannot even say it enough. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to capture this day that was such a long time coming.  It was a dream. I hope you cherish these memories, I know I will never forget this day 🙂  Thank you!!!

N&T Wedding-3N&T Wedding-8N&T Wedding-24N&T Wedding-32N&T Wedding-47N&T Wedding-55N&T Wedding-75N&T Wedding-93N&T Wedding-97N&T Wedding-116N&T Wedding-138N&T Wedding-140N&T Wedding-153N&T Wedding-159N&T Wedding-174N&T Wedding-187N&T Wedding-197N&T Wedding-202N&T Wedding-218N&T Wedding-224N&T Wedding-232N&T Wedding-234N&T Wedding-243N&T Wedding-256N&T Wedding-261N&T Wedding-264N&T Wedding-268N&T Wedding-294N&T Wedding-319N&T Wedding-322N&T Wedding-415N&T Wedding-421N&T Wedding-425N&T Wedding-462N&T Wedding-464
N&T Wedding-520N&T Wedding-521N&T Wedding-530N&T Wedding-534N&T Wedding-544N&T Wedding-552N&T Wedding-560

Okay guys… these details… I adore each and every one of them!!! 🙂N&T Wedding-566N&T Wedding-469N&T Wedding-498

N&T Wedding-485N&T Wedding-477

N&T Wedding-551N&T Wedding-573

The white pumpkins… *sigh*N&T Wedding-579

This little test tube flower holder… I am seriously into it.  N&T Wedding-583N&T Wedding-631N&T Wedding-633N&T Wedding-638N&T Wedding-646N&T Wedding-659N&T Wedding-672

Married!!!! Off to enjoy a moment alone, just in time for the sun to peek through 🙂N&T Wedding-679N&T Wedding-685N&T Wedding-732

Beautiful long, family-style tables!N&T Wedding-750N&T Wedding-759N&T Wedding-773

Okay Nina, when I get married one day, will you DIY my whole wedding please?  Consider yourself hired girl!! You are crazy talented!N&T Wedding-790N&T Wedding-810N&T Wedding-858N&T Wedding-863N&T Wedding-878N&T Wedding-899N&T Wedding-925N&T Wedding-928N&T Wedding-943N&T Wedding-947

I still dream about this dessert table.  Perfection.N&T Wedding-958N&T Wedding-960N&T Wedding-976N&T Wedding-992N&T Wedding-996N&T Wedding-1010N&T Wedding-1021N&T Wedding-1028N&T Wedding-1033N&T Wedding-1044N&T Wedding-1072N&T Wedding-1056N&T Wedding-1081N&T Wedding-1088

Congrats again you two!!! xoxox

Vendor Love:

Venue | Honsberger Estate

Video | Outside In Studio (check out the beautiful video of their day here!!

Planner | Krista Olynyk – KJ and Co

Dress | Sposa’s Bridal

Hair & Make-Up | Pretty in Pink Mobile Makeup

Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal 

Forals | Cole’s Florist – Nancy DeVries

Cake | Grace Walker – Cakes by Grace

Mens Tuxes | Moores

DJ | Liquid Entertainment – Patrick Wasiak



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