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I am excited to say that in the past few months, I have been branching out a little bit.  Ever since I became a photographer, I have always said that I want to show people just how beautiful they are. Recently I have been given some unique opportunities, which has forced me to push my limits, learn a new style of photography, and really experience creative growth.

I have had a lot of requests for boudoir lately, mainly from brides for their husbands as a wedding gift, Christmas gift or especially Valentine’s Day.

Recently, I had a previous bride inquire about boudoir mini-sessions.  I challenged her to get 10 of her best girlfriends together to make this happen.  To my astonishment, she came back to me the very next day saying that she had TEN girls ready to sign up.  Well, of course we had to have hair and make -up, so we had two fabulous hair stylists and two lovely make-up artists join us for the day.  HUGE shout-out to the incredible ladies from Blush Pretty, for doing a phenomenal job with hair and make-up!  All the girls brought a ton of lingerie (literally, I think they bought out Victoria’s Secret), and we had snacks and champagne and music pumping.  It was such a fabulous day!  Ten close friends all hanging out together, awesome music, getting beautified, and then having a session with yours truly 🙂

HOW awesome would this be as a bachelorette party idea?!?!?  Start off the day with mimosas and all your besties, getting your hair and make up done and feeling amazing.  By the time the sessions are over, you are all set to go out for a night on the town!

I just want to say how grateful I am that these girls were willing to share these images.  Although I have done quite a few boudoir sessions, it is absolutely a sensitive type of photoshoot that not everyone would be okay having posted on the internet.  I am so grateful that these girls were so in love with their photos that they granted me the opportunity to share them with you! SO, thank you, thank you, thank you to these beautiful ladies 🙂  I appreciate it very much!

Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-13 copyTamara Lockwood Photography 1-29Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-23Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-26Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-25 copyTamara Lockwood Photography 1-15Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-17Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-25Tamara Lockwood Photography 1-53

Seriously though…. how stunning are these women?  This was SUCH A FUN DAY!  I really hope to do something like this again soon.  Be sure to get in touch if you are thinking of planning a fun bachelorette day 🙂

Stay warm!


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